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The EIP International Business School achieves Qualificam certification in its master's degrees with a job guarantee

The EIP International Business School, a leader in employability and the only one to incorporate an employment guarantee to its master's degrees and official certifications, has obtained the Qualificam certification in the master's degrees submitted to the evaluation of the Madrid+D Knowledge Foundation. This public Foundation, attached to the Community of Madrid, assumes the accreditation and certification of higher university and professional training programs.

Obtaining the Qualificam certification is the equivalent, in the field of official university degrees and master's degrees, to the degree accreditation procedure, and is carried out under the same quality standards of the European Higher Education Area, since the Foundation is a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA and is registered in the European Register of Quality Assurance Agencies (EQAR) which includes solvent Agencies in matters of Accreditation and Certification.

Qualificam Eip Master Certificate

The master's degrees that have obtained this certificate are the following and can be seen on the website of Qualification:

Qualificam, a seal of quality

The Professional Master's programs that achieve the Qualificam certification offer the students who take them and the companies that hire them the following:

  • A standardized accreditation diploma of completion of the Program, included in the Registry of Certified Professional Master's Programs according to Qualificam quality standards. 
  • The possibility of national and international recognition of the qualification achieved by homologous organizations.
  • An objective guarantee of academic quality of the training program, of the professionals who teach it and of the resources and means used.
  • A constant adaptation of training to the professional qualification profiles demanded by companies. The learning outcomes of these Programs are defined in terms of the European Qualifications Framework, 
  • A marked career orientation through training in professional skills and carrying out curricular internships in companies.
Qualificam Light Logo

With this new quality seal, the EIP International Business School certifies, once again, its commitment to educational excellence. Since its foundation, more than five thousand students have already enrolled in the School and satisfaction levels higher than 90 % have been obtained.

The presentation of Qualificam, at the VI International Congress of Business Schools

Obtaining this seal coincides with the celebration, after a two-year break caused by the coronavirus, of the sixth edition of the International Congress of Business Schools. The event took place at the Neptuno Palace in Madrid and was attended by Eusebio Villalón, CEO of Mainjobs, and Manuel García, general director of EIP.

The event, in which the pulse of the training sector is taken and brings together national and international educational institutions in the same space, served to present the Qualificam certification and explain how its creation was and how it will serve in the labor insertion of the participants of the master's degrees that have this quality seal.

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