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SIA opens its doors to cybersecurity students at EIP International Business School

Last Friday, September 22, SIA, belonging to Indra, opened the doors of its Madrid headquarters to the students of EIP International Business School, in an event framed within the training project launched by the SEPE and executed by EIP in which the school trains unemployed people to work in cybersecurity or SAP consulting.

A distinctive feature of this project is the hiring commitment assumed by large multinationals such as SIA, NTT Data, Capgemini, Sothis and Seidor, which will incorporate, at least, the 40% of the people trained by EIP. This is a clear example of public-private collaboration at the service of citizens, designed to promote training in two booming sectors, as well as promote the employability of people looking for a quality professional opportunity in a large technology company.

This training project is made up of different itineraries depending on the sector, the technology on which the training is based and the contracting company. In this case, the event that took place at the SIA facilities was part of the Cybersecurity Expert course with Digital Identity Solutions and Microsoft Cloud Security Services.

In this training itinerary, designed ad hoc, EIP has the immeasurable support of the SIA team. Specifically, David Estévez Maestre, Digital Identity Senior Manager and Maribel Santos Sánchez, Head of Planning and Delivery Cyber Resilience Services, participate in the training from its beginning through technical workshops that have brought students closer to the real environment in which they operate. a great cybersecurity specialist like SIA.

Thus, in this training itinerary, SIA presents its different capabilities by business unit.[PGP3] , explains the challenges and threats in terms of cybersecurity in the era of digitalization (regulatory pressure, connected infrastructures, the transformation of IT architectures and the growing digital interaction of people) and, above all, shows students the different appropriate specific measures and plans to minimize risk and maximize protection of organizations.

The open day held at the SIA facilities in hybrid format was the perfect opportunity to experience, in an even more realistic way, the professional environment of the multinational's cybersecurity team. The students had the opportunity to visit the offices and discover what it is like to work at SIA, their career plans, benefits, diversity guarantees or the different current ways of attracting talent.its commitment to diversity or attracting the best talent.

SIA officials from the area of Human Resources and the Digital Identity Solutions and Security Services business units of the Microsoft cloud were present at the event, and Juan Antonio Jaén, director of the project on behalf of the company, also participated. EIP International Business School.

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