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EIP sponsors the SME University Congress

Today has begun SME University Congress 2023, organized by FUNDAE. This event brings together the presence of large educational institutions at an international level. It is a perfect opportunity to meet with our educational partners, employing companies and, as it could not be otherwise, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), with which we also collaborate to make training accessible to citizens, in an effort continue to eliminate barriers to access to quality employment.

The role of EIP in SME University

On this occasion, EIP will share knowledge and experience in areas of high interest for SMEs, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers such as Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. On Friday, October 27, our Big Data teacher, Javier Aznarte, will participate in the round table «Artificial Intelligence: Traceability in learning and professional development«.

In addition to being part of the teaching staff at EIP, Aznarte is director of Business Strategy at Agilia Center, with experience in companies such as Telefónica in the area of innovation and business development. In the round table, which will take place at 12:25 in the Artificial Intelligence space, the applications of AI in the educational sector will be delved into, as a technology that facilitates learning and professional growth.

Artificial Intelligence and employment

It is estimated that the growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence grows exponentially each year, applied to a wide variety of sectors and also giving rise to a sector in itself. At EIP International Business School we are pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence to training in areas of knowledge that have not traditionally been centralized in digitalization, since we know that The best way to prepare for the future is not to sit and wait for it to arrive..

He Professional Master in Renewable Energies, Smart Grids and Electric Mobility from EIP International Business School is the first to introduce Big Data and Artificial Intelligence applied to the energy sector in its program. These tools allow decision making and achieving maximum energy efficiency.

All of this is possible thanks to a teaching team that, as is the case of Aznarte, moves daily in the most avant-garde side of the business fabric, leading technological innovation in companies that change the world.

Attendance at the Universidad Pyme Congress is free of charge, to attend this and many other presentations, you just have to register at this link.

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