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Article 3 LOPD 7/2021: Duty of information

Elias Vallejo Grande

Regarding the content of the duty of information, LOPD 7/2021 establishes some aspects that are the same, others that present minor changes and finally eliminates aspects to... Read more

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Article 4 LOPD 7/2021: Rights of interested parties

Elias Vallejo Grande

With respect to the rights of interested parties, LOPD 7/2021 establishes some differences, with respect to the RGPD, that are worth highlighting. The right of access… Read more


Lessons learned from the main financial fines in terms of data protection

Ivonne Sanchez Castro

Summary: This article examines the most significant financial fines imposed in the field of data protection, highlighting the most relevant cases and the… Read more

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Article 2 LOPD 7/2021: principles relating to treatment in LOPD 7/2021

Elias Vallejo Grande

With respect to the principles related to treatment, LOPD 7/2021 establishes guidelines similar to the RGPD, but with some differences that are important to... Read more

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Neurorights, Privacy and Data Protection: A New Horizon to be discovered (and protected) in Human Rights

Jennifer Rojas

Introduction: In the current era of advanced technology, the defense of the creation of new human rights is emerging as a new frontier. Is … Read more


2024: Updated Compliance Glossary

Carlos Tauroni

In this Compliance glossary, we begin a tour of the Compliance function and Data Protection through the definitions of some... Read more

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2024: Data protection: New challenges and challenges in this area

Ivonne Sanchez

In the context of the contemporary digital society, the protection of personal data stands as one of the fundamental pillars for safeguarding… Read more

LOPD 7/2021

Article 1 LOPD 7/2021: Application of LOPD 7/2021

Elias Vallejo Grande

It has been three years since Organic Law 7/2021, of May 26, on the protection of personal data processed for prevention purposes, was published... Read more


Gray Compliance: The good people and the less good

Carlos Tauroni Career

Ethics in the world of regulatory compliance Watching a series of lawyers and politics, the kind that "engages", a lawyer replied to a... Read more

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Responsible Artificial Intelligence. What is it and what are the key requirements for its implementation in the organization?

Soraya Garrán Blázquez

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is a technology that is present in our daily lives, both on a personal level through different devices, applications… Read more

Data Protection

The red lines of complaints on social networks with data protection and fundamental rights as a limit

Jennifer Rojas

Introduction to the limits in data protection In the current digital age, the use of social networks as a control tool to... Read more

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Reflection as the basis of Compliance

Carlos Tauroni

Since humanity has existed, man has always sought to do things with less and less effort. Said like this, it seems very frivolous, but… Read more