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EIP International Business School will certify its students in data protection and Cyber Compliance with the endorsement of ISMS Forum  

EIP International Business School incorporates the CDPP and CPCC certifications to the Professional Master in Data Protection Auditing, Risk Management and Cyber Compliance.  

EIP International Business School consolidates itself as the leading business school in the field of regulatory compliance after signing an agreement with the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Information Security, ISMS Forum.  

This agreement will allow the students of EIP International Business School obtain two innovative professional certifications in the fields of data protection and regulatory compliance linked to the area of cybersecurity. 

Two prestigious professional certifications that add value to the employability of students. 

The certificationCPCC: Certified Professional Cyber Compliance It is focused on professionals with experience in the field of Compliance in cybersecurity: information security directors, consultants, lawyers, auditors, security technicians, systems technicians with responsibilities in the security, etc. and its achievement accredits a high level of specialization in Spanish regulations regarding cybersecurity compliance.  

The certification CDPP: Certified Data Privacy Professional It is addressed to security directors; privacy officers; data protection managers; consultants; lawyers and security and systems technicians with responsibilities in this area. Its possession accredits a high level of specialization in Spanish regulations on the Protection of Personal Data, both in a local context and in a European and international context, as well as a mastery of the fundamentals that govern Information Security. , and the recognition of the exercise of the profession. 

A unique master's degree with 100% employability. 

These two new certifications add significant value to a master's degree with employability rates that border on 100% in completed promotions. reaching full employment since the incorporation of the EIP employment guarantee. It should be noted that the students of EIP International Business School already have international certifications such as Harvard ManagerMentor, issued by Harvard Business Publishing, which accredits key skills such as team management or decision making.  

Additionally, the recent agreement adds to an extensive list of alliances with top-tier educational partners, which, together with the EIP teaching team, provides the skills and certifications necessary to access quality jobs and management positions. Studying at EIP means learning from active professionals who occupy management positions in large companies, functioning with agility in technological environments and mastering the professional skills that make a difference in the sector. 

All of this, added to the direct connection that EIP International Business School maintains with the business community, materializes in an employment guarantee that supports all the School's programs, turning them into a safe investment for the professional future.  

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