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The building agents: the design team

According to article 10 of the Building Planning Law, the designer is the natural or legal person of any type who drafts the project, commissioned by the promoter and complying with the required technical regulations.

The project may be complemented with other projects carried out by other technicians, in which case they must be coordinated by its author. In this case, each editor of each part of the project will assume sole ownership of their project.

The designer will have the following obligations:

  1. Be in possession of the title of architect, technical architect, engineer or technical engineer, as applicable and be a qualified professional. If it is a legal entity, it must assign a natural person with the appropriate qualifications.
  2. Write a project in accordance with current applicable regulations and in accordance with the conditions established in the contract and deliver it with the corresponding visas, if necessary.
  3. Agree with the promoter, if necessary, partial collaborations.

The design team will also be responsible for preparing the following documentation:

Work PhasePhase Documentation
Previous studies  Expository report Sketch or drawings Cost estimate
Preliminary draft  Supporting report Plans Budget advance
Basic project  Memory Plans Budget
Execution project  Memory Plans Specifications Measurement status Budget
Construction management  Work certifications Work orders, graphic and written Economic and final status of works Reception records

The skills when planning vary depending on the qualifying degree:

Primary useDesignerWork DirectorExecution Director
Group AAdministrative Health Religious Residential Teaching CulturalArchitectArchitectTechnical Architect Building Eng.
B GroupAeronautical, agricultural, energy, hydraulics, mining, telecommunications, transportation, forestry, industrial, sanitation, accessories...Engineer Technical Engineer ArchitectEngineer Technical Engineer ArchitectTechnical Arch. (If construction director is Architect) Architect, Technical Architect, Engineer, Technical Engineer. (Indistinctly)
Group CAll those included in groups A and BEngineer Technical Engineer Architect Technical ArchitectEngineer Technical Engineer Architect Technical Architect

Direction of the Works.

According to article 12 of the LOE, the director of the works is defined as an agent who, as part of the project management, directs the development of the work in the technical, aesthetic, urban and environmental aspects, in accordance with the project that defines the building license and other mandatory authorizations and the conditions of the contract, in order to ensure their suitability for the proposed purpose.

DO Obligations:

  1. Verify the layout and adaptation of the foundation and the planned structures to the geotechnical characteristics of the terrain.
  2. Resolve contingencies that occur in the work and record in the Book of Orders and Assistance the precise instructions for the correct interpretation of the project.
  3. Prepare, at the request of the promoter or with his agreement, any modifications to the project, which are required by the progress of the work, provided that they adapt to the regulatory provisions contemplated and observed in the drafting of the project.
  4. Sign the act of layout or start of work and the final certificate of work, as well as prepare the partial certifications and the final settlement of the work units executed, with the visas that were required, if applicable.
  5. Prepare and sign the documentation of the executed work to deliver it to the promoter, with the visas that may be required.
  6. Those listed in article 13, in those cases in which the director of the work and the director of the execution of the work are the same professional, if this is the option chosen, in accordance with the provisions of section 2 a) of article 13.

Direction of the Execution of the Works.

According to article 13 of the LOE, the director of execution of the works is defined as the agent who, as part of the project management, assumes the technical function of directing the material execution of the work and of qualitatively and quantitatively controlling the construction and the quality of the built.

DEO Obligations:

  1. Be in possession of the qualifying academic and professional qualification.
  2. Verify the reception of construction products on site, ordering the performance of precise tests and tests.
  3. Direct the material execution of the work, checking the layout, materials, correct execution and arrangement of the construction elements and facilities, in accordance with the project and the instructions of the construction director.
  4. Record the precise instructions in the Orders and Assistance Book.
  5. Sign the act of layout or start of work and the final certificate of work, as well as prepare and sign the partial certifications and the final settlement of the work units executed.
  6. Collaborate with the other agents in the preparation of the documentation of the work executed, providing the results of the control carried out.

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