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The new Structural Code

The new Structural Code and the adaptation period to said regulations

On June 29, 2021, it was approved by the Royal Decree 470/2021 the Structural Code, regulations that aim to regulate concrete, steel and mixed concrete-steel structures, both for building and civil works.

This standard updates the regulations in force in Spain to date relating to concrete structures and steel structures, repealing the previous Structural Concrete Instruction EHE-08 (approved by Royal Decree 1247/2008, of July 18) and the EAE Structural Steel Instruction (approved by Royal Decree 751/2011, of May 27) in accordance with technical and regulatory developments (one of the main purposes of this standard is to incorporate the most relevant aspects of European regulations for the calculation of structures, in accordance with the procedures established in the Structural Eurocodes).

The New Structural Code Information

Thus, criteria are established regarding:

  • The management of existing structures during their useful life, which currently fall outside the scope of the Concrete and Steel Instructions.
  • Protection, repair and reinforcement systems for concrete structures (until now non-existent).
  • Calculation regulations for structures made with stainless steel (until now non-existent).
  • Mixed concrete and steel structures, which did not have regulations until now, such as collaborative slabs with connectors.
  • Recommendations for use for structural shotcrete (until now non-existent).
  • Sustainability of structures considering the performance, environmental, social and economic characteristics provided by the agents participating in their project and execution.
  • Designation of concrete exposure classes (revision of EHE-08).


One of the main novelties is that the concept of technical suitability for use of products with CE marking disappears, and is replaced by the presumption of veracity of the declaration of product performance by the manufacturer.

In short, the Structural Code regulates issues relating to project bases and structural analysis, as well as the technical requirements applicable to component materials, the durability and useful life of structures, fire action, fire control. and the execution of the structures.

New Structural Code

Adaptation period

The Structural Code, in its sole transitional provision, “application to projects and works”, establishes that the provisions of this royal decree will not apply to projects whose drafting or study order, in the field of public administrations, or order, in other cases, had been carried out prior to its entry into force, nor to the works derived from them, provided that these are started within a period not exceeding one year for building works, nor three years for of civil engineering, from said entry into force, unless the corresponding competent body, or where appropriate by the promoter, agrees to adapt the project to the content of the "Structural Code."

This implies that, as of November 10, 2022, in building works, the Structural Code is mandatory and that the structural regulatory justification of the projects must be done based on this regulation.

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