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Installation and placement of grilles

In many projects, ducts connected to grilles in partitions, false ceilings, etc. are presented. At the execution level it is not necessary to create assembly code, which is why it is interesting to know how the connection between duct and grating is carried out.

He will talk to us about this topic Sebastian Fernandez Cano, Industrial Engineer and Technical Director aBIMa Engineering. Furthermore, it is Expert Teacher in Cype Software and BIM Methodology in EIP.

We will talk about design and manage the facilities from the point of view of energy efficiency, if you are interested, the Master in BIM and Efficient Energy Management It will train you to be able to do them.

How is the execution of grilles in ducts carried out?

The first thing we must distinguish are the supply and return grilles. In many cases the return is not connected to the duct, but is connected to the plenum created by the false ceiling of the rooms, this type of grille is more easy to installHowever, the delivery ones are connected to a duct and it is interesting to know their assembly methods. Below I explain the process to follow.

Duct placement

He first step is to perform the placement of ducts fixed to the ceiling. Fiber material is usually used to make these, due to its adaptability and ability to be executed directly on site. 

Fixing to floor or ceiling is carried out using threaded rods that support the weight of the duct, leaving everything closed with a safe distance of about 20 cm between the duct and where the grill will go.


After laying ducts, it is necessary to respond to the ask following:

Are grilles now placed and later the enclosures of ceilings, walls or plasterboard partitions made?

It could be done, but it is not recommended. Since it is easier to close with the plasterboard boards directly, and then break the gaps to place the grates, the masonry adapts the gap generated by the grating using small plates.

Therefore, the next step is to do all thes plasterboard enclosures, with the importance of measuring and marking the placement of the ducts and location of grilles to later break the gaps with total precision.

Open holes and place pre-frames

Afterwards, as we indicated, it is open the gaps where the grates will be placed. Always from less to more, since it is easier to gradually outline the width of the hole if we have fallen short, than to later replace the cut excess plasterboard.

To make the holes plasterboard saws are used manually in a simple and fast way.

After generating the hole in partitions or ceilings, the connection of the hole with the duct, for this you must take into account:

  • As in the plasterboard, open the duct on the same dimension of the hole so that the heated air can escape through those openings.
  • Carry out sealing or bridging with pieces of fiber between the plasterboard gap and the generated duct gap, so that the conditioned air does not escape from the supply circuit. To end the sealing Aluminum tape is used, the same one that is made at the junction of the ducts.

Finally, after joining the duct with the gap, so that the grille can fit, a subframe will be placed, under pressure, over the gap generated in the plasterboard.

Galvanized sheet stringer - AIRZONE

It is very important that the subframe is well fixed to the plasterboard. If it does not have significant consistency, it is recommended to screw it in, since, when using the grate adjustment gates, they can easily dislodge.

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Placement of grilles

With all the holes installed and executed, and having checked the depth of the grille gate, that is, that there is no element blocking its placement, the grille is installed with a click, easily. If it needs to be removed, it is removed with a certain pressure without using any tool.

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