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Preventing data leaks Main security problem?

If we go back to a few years ago, in 2015, the United States Government suffered a data leak which affected a total of 4 million employees of the federal Administration.

These types of incidents are among the more complex, given the diversity of consequences they can give rise to, the majority being triggered by human and organizational factors.

Tools and measures to prevent data leaks

For this reason, companies and organizationThey have a wide variety of tools and measures that effectively minimize and prevent the aforementioned leaks. Are measures and tools can be grouped into three different blocks.

data leak prevention measures

First block or technical measures

Among these measures we can find the access and identity control, solutions anti-malware and anti-fraud, perimeter security and communications protection, other security measures derived from compliance with legislation, event management and security intelligence, among others.

Second block or organizational measures

The actions that can be carried out are the following: establish a code of good practices, a security policy, information classification procedures, establishment of roles and access levels, training and internal information and information security management systems.

Third block or legal measures

Legally, the following measures can be adopted: request for acceptance of the security policy, request for acceptance of the confidentiality policy, deterrent measures in accordance with the legislation and related to the adequacy and compliance with the applicable legislation (LOPDGDD, LSSI, LPIC, LPI, etc.).

In this way, a strategy that effectively addresses the prevention of data leaks globally and covering both technical, organizational and legal measures, better known as “Data Leak PreventionData Loss Prevention either “Extrusion Prevention” (DLP). In this sense, the aim is to ensure that critical information cannot be obtained outside of a company's network.

data leak prevention

Data Leak Prevention

Likewise, this concept is used to describe the different types of software with which the administrator of a network can manage the information that users may transmit.

With this software the Business rules through which the information will be classified and protected, so that unauthorized personnel cannot access it without prior authorization, both accidentally and voluntarily.

Also, it is important to mention that there are several reasons that certify that DLP is much more secure than other technologies such as firewalls and IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) either IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems)

Thus, the main difference is that the DLP can identify the data, its typology, its classification and its content, following a series of previously established policies.

Therefore, to conclude, we could say that when a company or organization adopts a policy of these characteristics with which safeguard against potential data leaks that may pose a serious risk to your integrity, your business model, your sales strategy or any other similar strategic policy, the first step to follow would be to ask yourself the following questions: what their needs are and what solutions would be satisfactory to solve them.

Once the above is clear, it is advisable  prioritize DLP systems, since allow us to continuously monitor, in addition to centralized management, which establishes clear requirements when making backup copies and storage, and that easy to incorporate into corporate systems, with additional features and known in the market.

How does studying a Master in Data Protection benefit?

He General Data Protection Regulation, changes the approach to how to secure personal data by starting to study not only the data, but also its different treatments. This is carried out through a risk analysis.

The implementation of this new approach is not easy, studying a Master in Compliance and Data Protection Management, will give you the necessary knowledge to understand the steps to follow to know, implement, maintain and optimize all the necessary security measures.

Master in Compliance and Data Protection Management at the International Graduate School

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