Employment Guarantee Eip Postgraduate Masters Certifications

What do students think about our master's degrees?

This is what they think about our Masters and Certifications students who have gone through the School

View testimonials from the students, take a look at the interview, together with the EIP Communication Director, Isabel Dieguez, to Juan Camilo, our former student Master in Cybersecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security and, now, part of the cybersecurity team Deloitte.

You can also see other testimonials from students such as, for example, Amanda Casado, a former student of Master in HR Management and Labor Management at the EIP International Business School. In the video he tells us what his life was like before and after going through EIP.

Discover Alex, alumnus of the EIP International Business School and now a SAP consultant in Minsait. In that interview, together with our communications director Sergio García, he details his day-to-day life at the Indra company as well as his journey to becoming a SAP consultant.

Better that they tell you!

Student Testimonials