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How to study in EIP

Studying online at EIP International Business School is your guaranteed access to quality employment in top-level companies.

The methodology work is eminently practical, promoting student participation and eliminating the barrier of distance. A didactic format that students can combine with any parallel activity.

EIP virtual campus

Access the learning environment from any device with internet connection, so flexible and intuitive:

  • Train yourself thanks to a wide variety of learning resources: live classes, practical cases, interactive multimedia resources….
  • Connect with your classmates and teachers real time, wherever you are and whenever you want.
  • Grow up learning, hand in hand with expert teachers who will support you so you don't stop.
  • Know at every moment your evolution in the key competencies what you will need for stand out in the companies.

Resources and tools

We make it easy for you innovative pedagogical resources so that you acquire all the professional skills what do you need:

  • Live video classes, taught by expert teachers, with whom you can interact to resolve all your doubts.
  • Specialized multimedia resources, in video, podcast, e-book format... So you can consume them from your mobile phone.
  • Exercisessimulations and practical cases, focused on the reality of the companies in which you will work.
  • Virtual community so that you can share information and experiences with your classmates and with the teaching team.
  • Practical project of implementation in the company, your best letter of introduction.

We are at your side

The entire team will be supporting you, your personal advisor, the faculty, employment managers... All of these people have a common goal: become the professional that companies want.

We are at your disposal from all the means you may need, by phone, email, through the campus and by instant messaging (WhatsApp/Telegram).



Instant messaging


To help you achieve your goals you will receive masterclasses, you will develop practical cases and real exercises. You will receive continuous feedback throughout the training process, with personalized monitoring that will guarantee that you acquire all the necessary skills.

Work by competency allows establishing a direct relationship between the professional profile that companies demand, the learning objectives and the activities to be carried out. In this way we guarantee that in all subjects you will acquire key skills for your job.

Employment guarantee

We couldn't stop telling you our main differential value: the employment guarantee. From your first day at school, we will begin working on your personal brand and employability. Therefore, our training goes beyond technical knowledge, we put at your disposal the best professional certifications and we connect you with top level companies talent seekers.