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What is a Fullstack developer?

In general, it is relatively common to find professionals who have skills in the artistic side of web development and it is also common to find experts in the more technical side. The first group is the so-called developers Front End, the second that of those known as developers Back End. But it is more difficult to find professionals who have a global vision of the development of web projects and who know how to successfully manage the technological challenges on both sides. These latter professionals are known as fullstack developer (Full Stack Developer), who are versatile technicians capable of handling both sides of a development project: Front-End and Back-End. 

Knowledge that a Fullstack Developer must have

This professional developer is capable of handling servers, databases and clients with ease, all depending on the requirements of the project to be executed. He has extensive knowledge of the entire process, language systems and development environments of a project.

To do this I must have deep technical knowledge of the Front-End, Back-End. Including knowledge of databases, servers and cloud hosting.

On the Front-End side, the knowledge and skills focus on creating the appearance and usability of the website, to do this you must know various technologies and programming languages. Of course knowing HTML and CSS. 

The Fullstack must know JavaScript deeply, since you can develop web applications at all levels. This professional must have extensive knowledge that Angular is a JavaScript framework that allows developing the Front-End of the project. 

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You should also know PHP well, which is a very flexible and open source language; There is still a lot of demand for professionals, especially if they use the Symfony and Laravel frameworks.

In the Back-End, the expert organizes the internal architecture of a website or mobile application in such a way that it is capable of supporting the user interface and the operation of the technical solution in general. To do this, the Fullstack developer must have knowledge of programming languages and environments or specialize in a specific programming environment. However, it is common for the most successful Fullstack developers to master at least PHP, a language that will allow them to later learn and progress in knowledge, especially if they decide to enter the Python world.

As for servers, you must have knowledge of servers and cloud services such as AWS.

In addition to the aforementioned knowledge, it is increasingly relevant for a Fullstack developer to have security knowledge and attack resistance techniques.

I must say that knowledge of multiple technologies allows the Fullstack developer to perform in all parts of a development, from adding images to a web page, creating a database or programming in different environments and languages. This gives you an advantage over other developers because you can make technical decisions faster based on the big picture of the project. This faster decision making, along with creative freedom and control over the project, increases productivity and saves a lot of time.

As you can see, being a Fullstack developer is not easy, the knowledge is extensive and deep, it requires time and dedication, which is why it requires strong prior training and delving into postgraduate courses that expand and deepen the fundamentals. 

Despite the apparent complexity, it is one of the most exciting professions when it comes to developing software since it has a greater range of projects on which you can work, it is so wide that the few good professionals are highly in demand; and of course well paid and considered.

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