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News of the new national security scheme

Did you know what the most notable aspects of the ENS reform are? Our expert Óscar J Labella tells us about it in this interesting post.
A new version of the National Security Scheme (ENS) has recently been published with very significant changes. What does this change in the ENS mean? What controls need to be reviewed? What is the deadline to do it? Is the certification previously obtained valid? In this interesting EIP Talk, @Oscar J Labella details the main new features of the ENS.
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Dpd and Security Manager may coincide

Can DPD and Security Manager coincide?

Necessarily starting from the existing differentiation between information security and protection of personal data, the Legal Office of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), in its legal report 2018-0170, considers that the figure of the delegate should be differentiated. data protection and security officer. We tell you the reasons.