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Wind Energy at Sea

With the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move towards a more sustainable energy matrix, offshore wind energy, also known as offshore wind energy, has emerged as a promising and constantly growing source of renewable energy, presenting itself as an efficient and profitable solution.

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The construction of the technological era:

The construction industry has undergone significant transformation throughout history. The move from using traditional and artisanal methods to a new echelon focused on mass production and efficiency known as the industrial era, marked a revolutionary change in the way projects are built. Despite the incorporation of vehicles and specialized heavy machinery, management, design and planning continued to be carried out in a traditional way throughout the decades.

Wind Turbine Against Deep Blue Sky

The accelerated deployment of Renewable Energies in the EU, new Regulation (EU) 2022/2577.

Renewable Energies in the EU: Recently the Council of the European Union has made official a new regulation to promote and accelerate the deployment of renewable energies in all associated countries.

This with the aim of mitigating and reducing as much as possible the energy impact caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and the reduction of the distribution of pipeline gas to European countries and the increased risk of total interruption of the supply of Russian gas.