Medical Parts It

New medical leave reports. What does it consist on?

Therefore, as of April 1, 2023, in the first 365 days of the Temporary Disability (IT) processes, only one copy of the medical report of sick leave, confirmation or discharge will be delivered to the worker, eliminating the second copy and the obligation of the worker to deliver it to the company, managing entity or mutual insurance company.

Generational Equity

Intergenerational equity mechanism (MEI)

This tax comes to “replace” the so-called “sustainability factor” which, although it was planned to be implemented in 2019, but never occurred. In this case, the sustainability factor would have linked the amount of the pension to the evolution of the life expectancy of the pensioners through a mathematical formula that considered the mortality tables of the pensioners with 67 years as a reference.

Hiring Incentives

What are the hiring incentives?

Regarding the content of the incentive regulation, the general objectives of the standard, within the framework of active employment policies, are: to promote the hiring of unemployed people, especially the most vulnerable, to contribute to job creation and encourage self-employment.