Insulating Materials

The best insulating materials in construction

Current demands in the construction field are increasing, with projections of achieving energy efficiency. Buildings with almost zero energy consumption are the commitment of the European Union, it is a quite ambitious task to fulfill due to the age of the buildings in Spain. All new construction buildings have to adapt to energy saving regulations and one of the fundamental parameters of this standard is insulation. In the next article we will talk about them.


Scars in buildings: passive and active methods

Among the methods to combat injuries in buildings, there are two groups of actions that require a short-term investment and that will translate into long-term gains by considerably reducing electricity consumption, while maintaining thermal comfort conditions. We tell you about them in this article.


The gold in sustainability is found in Spain

Madrid Nuevo Norte has simultaneously obtained the LEED sustainability pre-certification with a gold level, as well as the BREEAM provisional certificate, the two most prestigious sustainability seals worldwide. It should be noted that it is the first urban development project in Europe simultaneously. which makes this project a reference icon in the field of sustainable urban development.