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The role of social networks in diversity and social inclusion

Social networks are digital communities of which today we are all part. Through them we can establish relationships to generate groups or associations with common interests.

Each social network has its particular objectives and uses, so the content should be adapted to each of them. Virality is the ability of these social networks to make content reach a large number of people in an easy and direct way.

How to take advantage of viral trends to gain visibility?

I recently had the opportunity to attend an event where the role of social networks in empowering diversity was highlighted. 

Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube are already introducing changes in their Companies with concrete actions that promote equity, diversity and inclusion in their Organizations.

LinkedIN They have specific programs to promote diverse talent, their content creators They help build more inclusive and tolerant communities, on their platforms they collaborate with people from the LGTBQI+ ethnic diversity community to boost the impact of their content. 

They are continually working to develop solutions from which content can be accessed equitably. Experts in the field create strategies to achieve these objectives, for example, generating automatic subtitles, color correctors for color blind people, sign language in videos, or support and financing programs to give voice to specific communities.

In reference to Facebook, highlight the Inclusive Products Council, a working group that collaborates closely with solution development teams to generate content that is as accessible as possible to people with visual or hearing disabilities, in fact, Facebook has presented a new automatic text system powered by artificial intelligence that describes photographs to blind people. 

Youtube is putting the focus on Gender equality, with internal policies that promote egalitarian work teams and foster an inclusive culture.

Diversity is increasingly present in the digital world, a paradigm shift is taking place where management is in the hands of the users of these networks, hence the importance of promoting coexistence, tolerance and dialogue based on respect and responsibility.

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