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Onboarding: scheduled integration

By Pedro Navarro teacher in the Master in  HR Management of the EIP International Business School

Onboarding: scheduled integration

For a new worker to feel comfortable from the moment they say yes until their integration is full and their performance is optimal, a period of time passes that can be shortened or extended depending on the design and implementation of a process called “Onboarding” or “From desk to yes” and whose application in the human resources management more and more it gains greater strength.

It is important to indicate that it will be The human resources area is in charge of designing and coordinating the entire “Onboarding” process. but it involves the entire company.

The basic difference between a traditional Welcome Plan and “Onboarding” is that the former, generally, only consist of the one-way transmission of information by the company to the new worker and the application of some specific training action. for a few days while “Onboarding”,  It involves leading and guiding the new worker so that he or she assumes the corporate culture, gets involved and fits into the team in a dynamic way during a period that can extend up to a year, starting even in the selection process itself.

“Onboarding” must be adapted and flexible depending on the characteristics of the company, the sector in which it operates and the particularities of the position immersed in the process. There are more operational jobs with repetitive, homogeneous and routine functions where effective integration can be achieved in a few weeks and others, with many managerial functions that require greater coordination with other people and more time for acclimatization.

Advantages of “Onboarding”

  1. Resolves all the doubts and questions that a newly arrived worker has.
  2. Reduces the integration period.
  3. Provides the new worker with a standardized support process supervised by HR.
  4. Avoid resignations and reduces the turnover rate.
  5. The worker assumes the organizational culture and work methodologies quickly, thus increasing the feeling of belonging.
  6. Your motivation, involvement and self-esteem increase considerably.
  7. The talent contribution of the new worker to the company is more dynamic.

The scheduled integration

The arrival of the new worker in the company generates nerves, expectations and uncertainty for both parties. Time, information and communication management is a fundamental part of this process.

There is no doubt that the incorporation of a new worker generates a large volume of boring paperwork that can lead to boredom. It's about making this process seductive with attractive and stimulating activities.

First day. Luggage delivery:

  • Reception at reception and accompaniment to the assigned work area. Human Resources will accompany you at all times.
  • Assignment of workstation, laptop, mobile phone, directories, accesses, etc.
  • Meeting with the Department Heads and the work team.
  • Delivery of monthly work planning.
  • There are companies that on the first day scheduled for tuesday. This allows the integration team to have everything prepared for the week.
  • Communication of the new incorporation on the company intranet, emails, etc.


  • Explanation about what is done in the company and about the work tools.
  • Internal functioning of the company (schedules, holidays, etc.).
  • Shadowing usually lasts approximately three days. Accompanied by several colleagues who are experts in the area where you will be located to see how they resolve cases, their work method, etc.

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