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Metaverse, the future begins today

It is clear that the environment in which we have been moving in recent years does not stop changing. We have passed from a world VUCA to BANI, where the brittle, anxious, non-linear and incomprehensible is becoming part of our lives. Now the metaverse, digital environments where people interact as avatars, eliminating the limitations of the real world, is added to this environment, where technology is the “track star”

The metaverse and the human resources department

For the department of Human Resources, the metaverse represents broad possibilities to optimize your processes, and, for a couple of years, we have witnessed incipient attempts to add human capital management to these spaces, for example, the virtual job search events, where companies participate as exhibitors in spaces that people access through a digital platform, to learn about their vacancies, requirements and benefits, or in which they present a relevant presentation for attendees. 

Recently, companies have emerged dedicated entirely to offering platforms that support personnel selection processes and competency evaluation, allowing the creation, for example, through the #gamification certain games where a candidate must navigate a fictitious situation, or expose a collaborator to a certain environment to find out their reaction. 

Metaverse HR Department

The metaverse and companies

Companies like Microsoft have joined the METAVERSE, creating 'Mesh' a virtual space with 3D avatars for online meetings Teams

The clothing brand Ralph Lauren has partnered with the 3D avatar platform Zepeto to launch the first virtual collection that is made up of more than 50 garments, while Tinder will launch its own METAVERSE called 'Tinderverso'.

Last March,  Goal, the world's leading technology company that leads Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, presented its project to install a gigantic large-scale data center in Talavera de la Reina. It will be the fourth in Europe due to its characteristics, and the request for its official declaration as Project of Singular Interest by the Community Board, an accreditation that will favor the entire processing and management process.

Although we cannot see the future with complete certainty, everything indicates that in a few years many companies will begin to join these environments and with this their HR departments will have to do so, from topics such as the search and selection of talent, to the strengthening of organizational culture, improvement of corporate spaces, onboarding and training.

The Metaverse is made up of numerous virtual worlds with diverse characteristics in terms of governance, economy, purpose, nature or user role. Being one of the key challenges, achieve its operation with all that this implies in terms of digital identity, rights and property management.

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