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Decarbonizing construction: concrete and LEED certification

Nicolás Jofré

Concrete, one of the cornerstones of modern construction, has been instrumental in the development of infrastructure around the world. However, … Read more

June 2024: News in the workplace and Social Security benefits

José Manuel Márquez Tejero

In the labor field, on May 21, Royal Decree-Law 2/2024 was published in the BOE, by which urgent measures are adopted... Read more

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Wind 4.0: Wind energy and digital transformation

Nicolás Jofré

Wind energy has quickly become one of the fundamental pillars of the energy transition towards a sustainable future. In the middle … Read more

Basic Aspects of the Immediate Supply of Information (sii)

Basic aspects of the Immediate Supply of Information (SII)

Jesus Raya

The Immediate Supply of Information or also known as SII is a VAT management system based on, as its name indicates, the immediate supply of information, where those obliged to choose this route or have the obligation to do so, must register with the Tax Agency all the details of the billing record that is carried out in the exercise of its economic activity.

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Sustainable heat: The potential of solar thermal energy in Spain

Nicolás Jofré

Sustainable heat In the context of ecological awareness and the transition of the energy sector to renewable energy sources, the Spanish territory is… Read more

Post Delay Interest

Default interest: concept, application and consequences

Jesus Raya

Late payment interest Late payment interest is an important financial concept that affects various areas, such as loans, payments to suppliers or taxes. … Read more


Analysis of the solar resource in a photovoltaic installation project

Nicolás Jofré

Analysis of the solar resource Solar energy is a fundamental resource for the production of electrical and thermal energy, and its analysis requires consideration… Read more

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Optimize Excel through AI

Jesus Raya

Excel through AI One of the biggest advantages of incorporating ChatGPT into your Excel workflow is the ability to… Read more

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Ethics and compliance in Finance: Essential pillars for corporate integrity

Jesus Raya

Ethics and Compliance in Finance In the global financial scenario, ethics and compliance stand as unbreakable foundations that sustain credibility and… Read more

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Loans and credits: differences, responsible use and important considerations

Jesus Raya

Loans and credits Loans and credits are fundamental financial tools for people and companies seeking to acquire goods or finance projects, either… Read more

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Sustainable Mobility: The future of transport in Europe and the world

Nicolás Jofré

Sustainable mobility is identified as the transportation method capable of minimizing environmental impact and promoting energy efficiency. This concept has gone… Read more

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Tax debt deferral: benefits, requirements and considerations

Jesus Raya

Deferral of tax debt The deferral of a tax debt is a measure that allows taxpayers to postpone the payment of their tax obligations. … Read more