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Why are the "sapers" delighted with their work?

Being a SAP consultant is in fashion. Enterprise resource planning software (known as ERP) has arrived to facilitate the work of corporations. Among all the software available on the market, SAP has become the main one, since it is one of the most complete and has the most possibilities.

Companies demand certified SAP professionals… and SAP consultants are delighted with their work. At the EIP International Business School we prepare you—and guarantee you a job—so that you can obtain your certification and enjoy a unique profession. Do you want to know why they like their work? Keep reading!

Remuneration above average

If you start searching on the main job portals, you will see that the salaries of these profiles are above average. The normal thing, if you have just become certified and start working in a multinational, is that your rank is JUNIOR. The salary of these profiles is usually between 22K-26K annual salary the first year, but the best thing is the career plans offered by these multinationals: in less than three years you can have a remuneration of between 28K - 35K per year.

But the best is yet to come. As soon as you begin to excel and gain the necessary experience, you will become a SENIOR consultant. From here on they are bigger words, since both responsibility and salaries will increase qualitatively and quantitatively. You will work as a project manager for the implementation of SAP solutions, managing your own work team and you will achieve salaries that will be around 60K – 80K per year.

It's a perfect combination

There is a perfect combination in different areas that will allow you to become a TOP professional in your sector. If we combine treatment, negotiation with the client, teamwork and add research and continuous learning, the result is none other than professional success.

No two days are the same

Working in consulting gives you the opportunity to “change jobs” every certain period of time. Taking into account that each implementation may be with a different client, who is dedicated to a different business, that you have different interlocutors in different locations... It's hard to get bored, right?

You interact with many people

In addition to changing jobs because you change projects, you can also change work teams, where you will have the opportunity to take away some learning and be able, why not, to influence the people around you to leave them something of your experience.

You know the world

This job will give you the opportunity to (literally) turn the planet around. The anecdotes derived from the hours in airports, hotels, factories or industrial plants of all kinds, conversations that transcend the merely technical, in short, knowing all those cultures and ways of seeing life, cannot be anything other than enriching for anyone. let him live them.

Constant Learning

Working as a SAP consultant allows you to always be learning something new. You will be constantly learning things, either because you find a functionality that you have not implemented before or because it is something totally new that SAP has provided.

Share knowledge

Being a SAP consultant allows you to give this knowledge away. Whenever you are on a project you are going to share and give away your knowledge to other people: It could be a key user, an end user, a junior consultant or even a clueless colleague. One of the most enjoyable things about this job is training another person.

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