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Happy birthday Python

Our dearest programming language He has turned 30 years old and it can be said that the years suit him wonderfully. 

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On February 20, 1991, Guido von Rossum released Python for the first time in att.sources with version 0.9.0. Although it was still in development, we already had classes with inheritance, exception handling, functions and modular types such as str, list, or dict among others.

Advantages of Python

Python has never been as popular as it is now, thanks above all to artificial intelligence projects and data science, it is a very versatile language that is used in several of the most used applications today, Spotify, Instagram or Dropbox For example.

We can also say that it is an ideal language for anyone who wants to start learning to program, due to its flexibility, versatility and simplicity. Its users do not need to learn to use compilers or assemblers as with other languages and the best of all is that it is in constant evolution despite the fact that it has turned 30 years old. Next October the publication of Python 3.10 is planned where we will be able to see the changes most important in recent years. 

Python is quickly becoming a priority within the business environment, with more and more offers looking for profiles with knowledge of Python.

So it's a good time to prepare with our Master in Advanced Programming in Python for Big Data, Hacking and Machine Learning and be the best option in any personnel selection.

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