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The Professional Masters that we offer have been certified by the university quality assessment agency, which guarantees its high quality and relevance in the labor market. Furthermore, we carry more than 10 years revolutionizing the Master's panorama through our innovative methodology and direct connection with the business fabric.

Our faculty is made up entirely of company managers, which allows us to offer very practical training focused on the needs of the world of work.

The results speak for themselves: according to our satisfaction surveys, the salary of active workers who have completed our Master's Degrees has increased by an impressive 32%.

If you are interested in improving your training and employment situation, do not hesitate to consult our offer of professional Master's degrees.

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The EIP International Business School has obtained the Qualificam certification for its master's degrees submitted to evaluation by the Madrid+D Knowledge Foundation, a public entity attached to the Community of Madrid in charge of accrediting and certifying higher university and professional training programs according to the quality standards of the European Higher Education Area.

This certification is very valuable since only 23 master's degrees from all over Spain have managed to obtain it, of which 8 belong to the EIP International Business School. In addition, this school is a leader in employability and is the only one that offers an employment guarantee with its master's degrees and official certifications.

Yes, employment guarantee

In the EIP International Business School We have set out to provide qualified young people with training that allows them to acquire the necessary skills for today's world of work and work in the area they want.

Additionally, we are the only school that offers a employment guarantee for those students who meet certain requirements, such as successfully completing their studies, within the framework of their master's degrees. We are committed to helping our students find work in your field of choice.

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Business Direction and Management Area

Master in Financial Management and Functional Consulting SAP S/4HANA Finance

Professional Master in Data Protection Audit, Risk Management and Cyber Compliance

Master in Financial Management, Accounting and Management Control

Master of Human Resources HR: People Management, Talent Development and Labor Management


ICT Engineering and Development Area

Professional Master in Renewable Energies, Smart Grids and Electric Mobility

Master in Fullstack Web Development

Master in Advanced Programming in Python for Big Data, Hacking and Machine Learning

Master in Cybersecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security

We are an approved SAP center

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The EIP International Business School is an official center accredited by SAP that offers the opportunity to work in top-level multinational companies thanks to the employment guarantee associated with our certifications. We are the only center that guarantees you a job when you finish your studies. If you want the opportunity to start your career in a high-level company, do not hesitate to consult our certification offer.

Get your SAP certification with a job guarantee