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The labor pilgrim

Labor pilgrim

According to the economics professor Albert Recio (1997): “Work constitutes a human activity oriented toward carrying out activities that satisfy needs, an activity that can be carried out under different social contexts.”

In this definition we can highlight a key element when it comes to understanding new ways of interpreting work: the satisfaction of needs.

Under this idea of satisfying needs, a change is taking place in the self-management model of professional careers that is exercised to a greater extent by new generations of workers, affecting especially those who occupy intermediate and managerial positions.

We are talking about professionals, generally highly qualified and multilingual, who jump between companies, accept new positions and obtain updated knowledge through experience. assuming key competencies such as adaptation to change.

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Constant changes

Currently, constant job changes, unlike a few years ago where this alternation was seen as a lack of commitment or sense of belonging, Today they are valued positively by HR Departments and Headhunters. A very long presence in a company could be seen as stagnation.

This new behavior in the self-management of their professional careers leads to a decrease in the time spent in a company. This way of understanding work seeks satisfy the need to update knowledge, establish new relationships and settle in other places.

It is important to emphasize that this new model generally only occurs in new generations of workers who will remain in the same company and in the same job for 3 or 4 years at most. It will be during this period that the HR Departments must create multidirectional work methodologies (training and development plans) aimed at obtaining the "know how" that they provide during this period and proportional to what they need.

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According to the report of “The Adecco Group Institute” of the year 2022 on worker turnover after an investigation in which human resources managers in Spain have participated, the vast majority of companies present a Turnover Index that is above 5%. In the 25-35 age group, it is the group with the highest turnover percentage, a 32%.

Article 49 of the Workers' Statute on the termination of the contract, in section 1d, refers to the fact that the termination of the contract, among other causes, will be "due to the resignation of the worker, and the advance notice indicated in the collective agreements or the custom of the place must be provided." . It can be understood that voluntary termination such as resignation or withdrawal from contract (abandonment of work due to personal decision) is a termination of employment freely decided by the worker.

Therefore, Voluntary resignation occurs when the worker optionally resigns from the position.. This occurs because they have found another job with greater responsibility or projection, for salary reasons, improvement in qualifications, expatriation or simply by seeking new challenges by assuming permanent management of change.

The Human Resources Area must always analyze all rotations, investigating their causes. This will allow you to know if something is not working in the company or in personnel management (low salaries, bad work environment, team compatibility, company culture, the benefits you are giving to your employees, etc.) and, based on here, redesign personnel management policies that seek to retain these workers.

The challenge is to try to design seductive talent retention measures that prevent labor exodus. The lifelong employee is in the process of disappearing, giving way to new models of workers who seek constant challenges and adventures anywhere, as if they were work pilgrims. 

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