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Reconnecting Human Resources

The year 2020 has shown us that changes can arrive suddenly and that these can affect all areas, including those related to human resources management. 

Workers in ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File), teleworking, networking, functional mobility, uncertainty, stress, etc. are some of the situations experienced and that have altered business ecosystems. 

Great challenge for everyone

The great challenge for companies and those responsible for human capital, in the socioeconomic and labor context of the COVID-19 era, will be reconnect workers once the recovery process begins. 

An express statement by the company regarding how and how much efforts are valued, the progress, contributions and sacrifices facts will contribute to increasing and renewing motivation, the sense of belonging and commitment, reconnecting everything again. 

All recognition influences the work happiness of workers. Companies and human resources managers must assume as part of their culture the open process where the behaviors and actions that should be rewarded are clearly established. 

connect workers

How can companies reconnect and recognize workers?

It is not about giving a pat on the back or giving monetary gratification. He aim is to value the effort we are all making in the COVID-19 era. We give you some guidelines:

  • Designing Career plans clear and transparent. 
  • Promoting the Reconciling work and family life. 
  • Elaborating Equality Plans effective. 
  • Showing respect and understanding.
  • Labor flexibility. 
  • Transfer the good practices and innovations introduced. 
  • Positive feedback
  • Equitable salary policies. 

And above all, it will be the small details those that make you the most excited: an email of congratulations and thanks, recognition in a meeting, post on social networks, etc. 

The recognition to reconnect says a lot about the human resources management while always expressing respect and gratitude without leaving anyone forgotten. 

This post has been prepared by Pedro Navarro, Labor Counseling Technician of the Andalusian employment service and guest professor at the Master of Human Resources Management and Labor Management of EIP.

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