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What are you doing, human resources?

Human Resources

It has been more than 3 years since the pandemic COVID-19 and physical, psychological and work confinement changed our lives.

The time has come, if we have not already done so, to review How the world of business and human capital management has changed to see where we are going.

What new ways of working have appeared? How are HR departments organizing themselves? How are our staff psychologically? Or what needs do we have as workers?

It is more than evident that our life priorities have changed and, therefore, the way of understanding work. We are faced with a new approach based on intangible principles, values and beliefs that have conditioned the way we relate to each other in work environments.

The pandemic has created in workers and companies the need to give meaning to what we do. A frequent concern has emerged to give more meaning to the work we do, its results and its consequences regardless of the legal form adopted by the organization with which we collaborate.

These needs and concerns must be answered through new comprehensive human capital management models in line with the new work and life reality.

New life style

The new post-COVID-19 lifestyle we are heading towards also conditions the way we want to work and the way companies should consider their employees. This paradigm shift shows a profound and sustainable alteration in the essential needs of all employees, which implies that Human Resources Departments must design a balanced model that combines personal and professional life, happiness and recognition, professional development and growth.

The new contemporary work model must be based on humanistic principles where human beings in the business context must be the central axis of all concerns, desires and motivations.

social responsibility in human resources 1

Business theocentrism based exclusively on the income statement as the only and heavenly conception in business management must be altered. The creation of a new model must focus on human virtues, on the creative and innovative capacity of companies and the social responsibility that they have.

The search for mutual trust between workers, companies and society must be the common thread from which the new human resource management policies must be approached. The clauses of the emotional and social employee-company contract must be reviewed in depth where the interests of all stakeholders are satisfied in a balanced and sustainable manner. “stockholders” in order to avoid imbalances, high levels of dissatisfaction and unaffordable turnover percentages.

Anthropocentrism as a new model in human resources management It should not be ignored that the reason being for companies is to obtain dividends, but this can be achieved in a harmonious and symmetrical manner where everyone accepts a system with checks and balances to avoid emotional, salary or performance imbalances, once achieving equitable environments.

Rationalism applied to business and human resources management that seeks to understand everything that happens in current contexts and is willing to choose how to improve and achieve the best results, will be the one that manages to satisfy the needs of stockholders. From there, all human potential and capabilities will be directed towards achieving common objectives.

This new post-pandemic time has to focus on reflecting and creating a new conception of the business and human resources world. The new humanism in this context has to interpret everything that happened to lay the foundations for the branches of the future business model to determine where we are going. What are you doing, human resources?

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