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I don't like what I do, how can I change?

We often encounter people who find themselves in situations of Search for a job change. Change is never easy, but even less so when it comes to something you have never worked on. Has it ever happened to you? Do you know someone?

Many may think that if you have never worked on something you have never done, it is very difficult to know if you really like it, so it may not be worth it given the risk of what you can lose.

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However, all these people who find themselves in this situation have probably done a series of questions that led them to make this decision. For example, one of the questions could have been: What am I good at? What would you enjoy going to work with?

In this post, we will try to give you some keys so that you can achieve that change that you have long been waiting for, since we know that it is not easy for companies to provide these types of opportunities.

Keys to a job change

  1. When looking for a job, detail your resume very well to focus as much as possible on where you want to go. How can you do it? Try to put in value all the functions you have had in your old jobs that may be related to what you hope to do. This way, you will ensure that the recruiter who reads you understands the reason why you have applied for that job.
  2. Integrate the idea into your speech: We have already commented on it in other posts, but we insist because we see it as very necessary to be as coherent as possible. Think about what it has taken you to be where you are and want to change. and enhance it when you externalize it: Start by explaining well why you are looking for it, why you are good for it, what experiences you have had that are related to this change.
  3. Go step by step: Nobody said it was easy. It is important that you be realistic and exercise empathy. If I were the recruiter, would you give me a chance? Perhaps at the beginning you cannot aspire to a position at the same level as the one you are in now. Reflect on the possibility of taking a step back in order to move forward.
  4. Have you thought about training? At EIP, we believe in training as the key to achieving all our work challenges. It is increasingly necessary to be up to date in our professional field. If you've never worked on it, Starting to train can be the first step to achieving your goal.

Train with him Master in Human Resources: People Management, Talent Development and Labor Management It will enable you to assume a multitude of functions in this field and be able to do the job you like.

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