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How to change the Mindset of teams to transform the culture of the organization

Peter Druker states that culture of a company He has his strategy for breakfast every morning. This phrase makes it clear that when an organization has proposed a strategy, if the culture that exists within the organization is not aligned with the strategy, the results will never be achieved. proposed objectives.

What is Mindset?

To align both, we must follow a path within the organization, and on this path the first step to take is change the Mindset, understanding as such the whole of what we have experienced, what we have experienced (in this company and in others), our beliefs, our ideas, our thoughts, relationships... all of this is the Mindset and is what drives us to act in the way we that we do it.

Types of Mindset

There are two types of Mindset, the Fixed and Growth. All people share both types of Mindset depending on the situation in which we find ourselves, since there are situations in which we feel more determined to explore new scenarios and others in which we feel unable to get out of the usual and safe path, which We already know and we have always navigated successfully. We are going to distinguish both types of Mindset:

Fixed Mindset

He Fixed Mindset It is the one that makes us believe that everything we know and everything we can do is immovable.

This type of Mindset makes us relate to people who have the same behavior because it makes us feel safe and comfortable. We are among equals and everything is done in a predictable and almost identical way, or at least with identical motivations and drivers.

When we find ourselves in an environment in which we apply a fixed Mindset we think that our achievements are due to our talent and nothing else, there is nothing outside of what we have always had (our own talent, our studies and experience...) that has helped us. led to success.

Growth Minset

Now, the Growth Mindset It makes us have an attitude of openness, of curiosity, of eagerness for knowledge, of wanting to experiment, of wanting to grow and advance and this disposition makes us open to everything that is new and changing within the business ecosystem.

In this performance format, achievements are due to continuous learning and acquisition of skills and experiences that enrich and add to professionals and people.

Organization culture

When looking for the change of organizational culture You have to work on people's Mindset because cultures by themselves do not change.

Culture changes when the people who make up the organization change their Mindset because they believe in the new values and the purpose of the company, and then they are able to change their ways of doing things in order to achieve the objective that the organization sets itself with its strategy.

But in order to change it we must know before what is the culture of the organization. The culture of an organization, or of a business ecosystem Made up of the company, customers, suppliers, partners and collaborators, it is defined as: the principles, characteristics and way of doing things that determine the personality of the company.

Business culture, on the other hand, constitutes the basis of all processes and all the attitudes that are developed within the company, with the people who are part of the organization being the ones who transfer that culture inside and outside the organization.

how to change the mindset in an organization

How to change the Mindset in an organization

The moment in which the search for cultural change Within an organization it is when the organization perceives that it is not achieving the objectives it has set in its business strategy. This happens when you are not true to your values, do not pursue your purpose, and fail to fulfill your mission.  

But it may happen that at the moment in which one wants to face this cultural change, one acts in a drastic way, driven by the urgency of presenting some good results as soon as possible.

In that case, is this revolutionary change within the company addressed correctly? It is common for organizations to confuse a cultural change with a structural change, thinking that, if the leaders are changed, everything else will change with the new leaders.

This does not usually happen because the change that is needed is much deeper and what needs to be changed is inside people that make up the organization's teams.

The most important thing for make this change happen, is to integrate the changes in values, mission, vision and purpose of the organization in the people who make up said organization. 

In this way, working with the teams, clearly transmitting the new cultural heritage, we will achieve change the Mindset (people) to transform the Culture (organization) and align it with the strategy (results).

To obtain the skills and knowledge in areas such as organizational communication, performance evaluation or talent development, you can train with him Master in Human Resources and manage the Mindset in an organization.

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