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Is it profitable to invest in social media advertising in summer?

Many companies consider making a pause in your social media posts during the summer and this can be a big mistake. It is true that economic activity paralyzes a bit, especially in the month of August, which continues to be the vacation month par excellence, but the same does not happen with social networks, quite the opposite.

Summer is a month of great activity on the networks and each time more. The more free time we have, the more time we spend browsing the internet and of course, the more time we also dedicate to social networks. Therefore, there is no doubt that if a company wants to make its advertising investment on social networks profitable, summer is the ideal time to do so.

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The data

There are many studies on cell phone use and connectivity, which show that at least 7 out of 10 Spaniards take their cell phone to the beach or pool with the excuse of being connected with family and friends. But the truth is that we spend more and more hours of our day connected to social networks and of these, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram seem to be the queens of the summer, while Twitter and Linkedin decline during this period. In terms of content, the short video format is the one that gains by far the most followers during the summer holidays. 

In a study carried out by the computing giant ASUS titled “Technology and summer in Spain" say what: 

  • For the 83% of the Spanish the mobile is essential on your summer vacation, prioritizing it in your suitcase before your toothbrush, makeup or shaving utensils.
  • 7 out of 10 Spaniards go to the beach and pool with appliances technological.
  • The 21% of the Spanish they use social networks more during vacations (a figure that increases to 30% in the case of young people).

Naturally, social networks are aware of this data and exploit it. Prices increase compared to the rest of the year, but if we distribute our budget well we can obtain a greater ROI. Now is not the time to skimp on spending. If we want to increase our sales, position our brand or improve branding, summer is the perfect time to implement a Powerful and ambitious marketing strategy.

Not all content works the same

It is one thing for users to be connected much longer and another very different thing is for them to be interested in the same topics than during the rest of the year. Obviously on vacation neither the products nor the messages are of equal interest.

Electronics, fashion and beauty are at the top of the topics to which we spend the most time on the Internet, but they are not the only ones. Everything will depend on how we do it (hence the importance of our marketing strategy). The messages are important (more enjoyable and relaxed) but so are the images we select. They have to attract and seduce so that our target notices them. 

Finally, a fundamental factor to take into account when planning our marketing strategy for social networks in summer is that the schedules change. On vacation the days are longer, the pace is more relaxed and the schedules are later.

Therefore, the times when our target connects and interacts on social networks is different from the rest of the year. They simply go with summer time and if we want them to see us we will have to adapt.

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