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Five marketing trends that we will see in 2022

The COVID 19 crisis forced millions of people to remain locked up at home and close or restructure thousands of businesses. This situation caused an unprecedented digitalization in all sectors of society that, far from ending, continues to evolve with new trends, new tools and consolidating a digital transformation that was expected to be slower and more progressive.

The Internet, new technologies or social networks became the best weapons to help these businesses continue with their sales so that not only did they not lose contact with their customers, but in many cases it became even closer.

Today, almost at the gates of 2022, it seems that this crisis has been left behind, however, communication, advertising and especially digital marketing, continues to evolve and adapt to new circumstances. And it will continue to do so for the next year. Some of these tools will evolve, others will emerge stronger. 

Today we are going to analyze five trends for 2022 that will set the course for digital marketing in the post-covid era.

5 digital marketing trends for 2022

  1. Marketing influencers and e-commerce

The figure of the influencers will continue to be fundamental and will be growing. We will begin to see how these figures stop redirecting potential customers to external websites and the purchasing process will be shortened, so that the product can be purchased directly from the social network profile. 

An example of this trend is the Instagram shopping tab within the application itself.

  1. Growth and improvement of chatbots

This type of technology, based on the development of artificial intelligence, will spread across a multitude of web pages. It will simplify customer service and ensure immediate attention. 

  1. Growth of voice assistants

Already on the rise, the presence of voice assistants such as SIRI or Cortana It is a new opportunity to develop auditory marketing and incorporate new challenges and dynamics to traditional advertising. 

  1. User-created content

Videos of external reviews, unboxing, reviews on websites, etc., even TikToks. These are some of the examples of how consumers themselves create content that can directly affect the brand image, therefore, opening a niche of new opportunities and ways to influence, all of them simple and affordable. In many cases, opening a space for opinions or reviews on our website will be enough.  

  1. Concern and conscious consumption grow

This trend, which we have been seeing in recent years, will continue to grow. A large sector of the population places, among the points to take into account when making a purchase, the relationship the brand has with sustainability and the environment, and would have no problem paying something more, if they make sure that their purchase is being as ecological as possible. We must commit and focus efforts on the sustainability of our brand or company, not only as a social commitment, but also as a business strategy. 

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