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Big Data and its applications in marketing

Big Data is, today, on everyone's lips. In many cases it can sound intimidating as it is basically a large collection of numerical data, details of people's lives and characteristics which, however, if used correctly can be very effective.

This technology, in fact, can be a very useful resource for any company or organization, especially if, well managed, we apply it to the marketing and communication perspective.

As its name indicates, Big Data refers to a large volume of data available on the Internet, which can be collected, stored and subsequently processed, which can generate decisive information for business decision-making.

But how is Big Data used in marketing?

Big Data is the perfect tool for know your audience in depth or real and potential public. This technology means taking another step when contacting the audience, helping them to contact is as close as possible and possible personnel.

The potential when segment customers It is the key in the relationship between Big Data and Marketing. Well-managed data and an audience divided according to different characteristics (age, sex, lifestyle, habits...) will facilitate the communication function and make it much more efficient, which will benefit the entire company or organization.

Big Data allows you to generate a single database, segmenting the data precisely. This allows different departments to join forces and share information, so work will be unified and logistics simpler. 

Thanks to this data we will be able to know how preferences change and fluctuate and customer decisions, so we can anticipate their changes and find those potential niches to work on. We can also get ahead of a possible loss of customers, reaching them from different perspectives and evolving according to their preferences. 

The update of real time data It is one of the keys to the use of Big Data. This continuous flow of data will be able to influence the company's decisions in practically immediate time, which will be a great advance or advantage when dealing with possible crises or failures. This continuous flow also influences the supervision and surveillance of the changes in market trends, which could be decisive for the Business development

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