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What is the BREEAM certificate?


He BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a method of evaluation and certification of sustainable buildings. Was developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a British non-profit organization founded in 1921 and the first constructive research-oriented organization in the world.

The first version of the certificate was published in 1990 and has been the inspiration for all the certificates that have emerged since.

He main goal of BREEAM is evaluate the sustainability of a building in terms of its environmental, social and economic impact. The evaluation is based on a series of criteria, such as water, energy and pollution management, as well as the use of sustainable materials and the quality of the indoor environment.

Breeam Sustainable Building Certification

The evaluation is carried out in several stages, from the design phase to construction and operation of the building. A scoring scale ranging from “Pass” to “Exceptional,” with several levels in between, is used to evaluate the building's performance on each criterion.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation criteria This method covers a wide range of areas, with the following being the most notable guidelines:

  • Water management: The efficient use of water in the building is evaluated, including the collection and use of rainwater and the treatment of wastewater.
  • Energy: The energy consumption of the building is evaluated and the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind energy, is encouraged.
  • Health & Wellness: The quality of the indoor environment is evaluated, including air quality, natural lighting and acoustics.
  • Sustainable materials: The use of sustainable construction materials is evaluated and recycling and reuse of materials is encouraged.
  • Pollution: The management of air, land and water pollution at the building site is assessed.
  • Transport: The building's access to public transport is evaluated and the use of sustainable means of transport is encouraged.
  • Ecology: The impact of the building on the local flora and fauna is evaluated and the creation of green spaces is encouraged.
  • Waste management: The management of waste generated during the construction and operation of the building is evaluated.

BREEAM certification

BREEAM certification is used around the world and has been adopted by government and private organizations as a standard for sustainable construction. Certification can improve the image of the building and increase its value, as well as reduce long-term operating costs.

Besides, This method encourages innovation and the adoption of sustainable technologies and processes in the construction industry. BREEAM certified buildings can serve as models for future sustainable construction projects.

Sustainable Building Renewable Energies Breeam

However, certification can also have some challenges. The evaluation process can be expensive and requires significant commitment from the design and construction team.

Steps in the certification process

The evaluation and certification process of the sustainability of a construction with the BREEAM methodology It always begins by choosing an expert advisor in the area. They are independent technicians in the relationship with their clients and the only ones recognized to carry out consulting and audit processes from the project phase to its execution and subsequent maintenance. They are the only valid interlocutor for the BREEAM certification body.

The advisor will register the project, carry out a pre-evaluation and define the strategy to follow. With the final evaluation of the building, accompanied by the evidence collected in the advisor's report, a Provisional Certificate can be obtained in the design phase.

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