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Cosmic Renewable Energy, beyond the borders of the Earth

Cosmic Renewable Energy

There is a point where engineering intertwines with fields of science and research. In this article we will delve into the close relationship between engineering dedicated to renewable energies and astronomical research to broaden the perspective from a global scale, planet Earth, to a cosmic scale, our galaxy and even the universe.

From the beginning, the human race has looked to the sky wanting to contemplate the magnificence of the universe and reveal the mysteries hidden beyond the blue sky of our planet.

Nowadays, science has been able to go very far in the study of the cosmos. Allowing us to look up at the possibilities that our celestial globe gives us, with the aim of seeking solutions to various unknowns and problems that affect us.

Nowadays the climate change It is affecting our quality of life at an unprecedented level and this need to seek ecological solutions has led both engineers and scientists to complement efforts to expand the possibilities even beyond our galaxy, reaching a universal scale. This is the case of the research carried out to understand the unlimited potential that what we call “Cosmic Renewable Energies”.

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In recent years, Humanity has been looking for alternative and sustainable ways to obtain energy to fuel our growth and development. Although renewable energy sources on Earth, such as solar and wind, have gained popularity, the intermittency of these energy sources that make us dependent on atmospheric, spatial and temporal conditions (Solar radiation on a given day, Climate on a region, schedules, etc.) Scientists have also begun to explore beyond human borders in search of renewable energies that the universe can give us, as a possible long-term and permanent solution and its implications for our energy future.

What is cosmic renewable energy?

Cosmic renewable energy is the idea of taking advantage of the immense and ancient sources of energy present in the universe to satisfy our energy needs. Unlike limited terrestrial energy sources such as coal and oil, cosmic energy is based on the capture and utilization of radiation and energy phenomena that occur in space.

International Space Station Red Sun Rays (1)

Below we identify some of the sources of cosmic energy that are currently being investigated with the aim of generating systems that allow us to harness and supply ourselves in an unlimited way:

Space solar energy:

One of the most promising sources of cosmic energy is capturing solar energy in space. Instead of relying on solar panels on the Earth's surface, solar energy would be collected and transformed into a usable form by a set of satellites located in orbit around the Earth's atmosphere. Then, this energy would be transmitted to our planet using microwaves and captured by photovoltaic cells or antennas, which would convert it into electricity for both residential and industrial use.

These space solar panels could collect energy from the sun more efficiently and constantly, without being affected by atmospheric limitations or daylight hours conditioned to a specific terrestrial latitude.

Studies for this type of technology are still in development due to its economic and logistical limitations, since its implementation can be 3 times more expensive than current solar energy plants, and although double energy use would be obtained, efficiency It would be reduced by half by having to convert the photon into an electron twice, first by being received in space and then by being emitted and received on the Earth's surface.

Fusion energy:

The Nuclear fusion is a potentially unlimited source of clean energy. Multiple investigations are currently being carried out to determine the possibility of using fusion reactors in space, since the conditions in that environment may be more suitable to control and take advantage of the energy generated by nuclear fusion, providing a source of massive and constant energy without the challenges associated with nuclear fission generated in terrestrial plants.

Stars are huge natural nuclear fusion reactors that emit a tremendous amount of energy. Although we cannot currently directly harness this energy, scientists are studying ways to use the radiation and heat from nearby stars to generate electricity or power spacecraft.

Neutrinovoltaic energy:

Scientists, astronomers and physicists consider the possibility of capturing and harnessing energy from neutrinos, high-energy elementary subatomic particles that are generated in space and pass through the Earth without interacting with matter. This innovative technology seeks to capture and convert the energy of neutrinos into electricity.

Unlike other renewable energy sources, Neutrinovoltaics have the advantage of being inexhaustible and do not depend on weather conditions or direct sunlight.

Although still in its early stages of development, research in this area is growing rapidly. If neutrino energy can be efficiently harnessed, neutrinovoltaics could become a clean and sustainable energy source with enormous potential for the future.

As you can see, Cosmic renewable energies would present a series of advantages related to the sustainability of inexhaustible and permanent, stable and reliable sources.. However, there are still a number of significant challenges to take into account in order to begin

And you, do you know other types of universal sources that we could take advantage of to generate energy?

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