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Future threats in cybersecurity

Last October 6, the IT World Canada's second MapleSec online conference. In it, the experts agreed that artificial intelligence, quantum computing, deepfakes and ransomware are the future cybersecurity threats. 

artificial intelligence

The predictions were made during Tuesday's opening session titled "The Threat Landscape 2023 and Beyond."

They indicated that the AI-generated malware It will be one of the emerging threats in the near future. AI-generated threats will use intelligence to infect their victims or deploy malicious applications faster than what happens now.

Quantum computing

The quantum computing and the transition to post-quantum cryptography will be the biggest challenge organizations will have to face in the next five years. 

They mentioned that the cryptography It is essential for the security and privacy of everything we do online and that quantum computing would destroy current algorithms, but luckily, currently, work is being done on algorithms resistant to quantum attacks that can run on conventional computers. Although once secure quantum cryptography is established, quantum computers will spread to a wider audience.


About him ransomware, stated that it is a failure both in training and awareness and in the administration of credentials. Online training is not enough. Companies should develop an effective training program to ensure employees are engaged and aware of the ransomware threat.

We could see that the statistics on successful ransomware attacks are quite alarming, the 60% of affected SMEs sink and some companies cannot obtain cyber insurance because they have already been cyber victims. 

Prevention and awareness are the keys to stopping ransomware attacks, employees should be taught to look for suspicious things, like a message from the CEO late on a Friday asking for millions of dollars to be transferred to a foreign account.

The session concluded with a five-year prediction on what will be the mistake that people will make to leave their cybersecurity unprotected. They pointed out 3 possible errors:

  1. Click on phishing links from unverified sources.
  2. Over the software developers, still treating security as something to be done at the end of product development and not from the beginning.
  3. The credulity of humans.

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