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The EU prepares a rapid response super team in cybersecurity

He large number of cyber attacks that have been generated in recent years and especially since the pandemic, has pushed the EU to create a “super team” to fight cybercriminals.

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European Union Cybersecurity Plan

The European Comission On June 23rd, he presented a plan to establish a cybersecurity unit which will allow capitals affected by cyberattacks to request help from other countries and the EU, including through rapid response teams that can intervene and fight cybercriminals in real time, according to the draft plan presented.

The latest cyber attacks suffered on the continent have generated the worry that Europe cannot defend itself or its trade secrets from cybercriminals.

Plan objectives

The EU plan aims main goal Help countries fight cyber attacks by unifying national cybersecurity departments.

The plan would also establish a cyber crime police platform, cybersecurity agencies and companies, diplomats and military services, to coordinate responses and share resources.

The Commission's plan is a "recommendation" to national governments and would put the European Union Cybersecurity Agency (EINSA) in charge of the unit, possibly from new offices in Brussels.

The Commission attempted to establish a Joint Cybersecurity Unit in 2019 to stop cyber attacks that have compromised the security of EU institutions, agencies, ministries and national departments, as well as major European companies and organisations. but the plan took many months to complete since the EU has no jurisdiction over national security and the countries that comprise it have hesitated to give up control over it.

The Commission expects the unit to be fully operational by the end of 2022. And what do you think about this new European cybersecurity team? Tell us in comments!

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