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5 tips to improve the cybersecurity of your Google account

Nowadays we use our Google account for everything. In it we store all kinds of information: from the steps we take, the calories we burn or the sites we visit, to the passwords for our accounts, addresses, bank cards, etc.

This is the reason why cybercriminals are eager to take over our Google account, our emails, applications or extensions that we have installed. Google is a 'candy' for hackers malicious

As we have already commented many times, the cyber attack phishing It is the most popular among cyber attackers. And it is very easy to fall into the trap. A simple mistake can end with a malware installed on our device and with access to our data.

As always, prevention is better than cure, here are five tips to better protect your Google account.

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1. Perform a security review

We highly recommend this step, by automatically reviewing your security you can get personalized recommendations for your account, such as: Add or update account recovery options, two-step verification, remove access to your data to certain applications or activate screen locks.

2. Keep your computer software updated

Always keep your operating system, browser or applications updated to keep it safe from cybercriminals.

3. Use strong and unique passwords

Using “password”, “1234” or our name as a password leaves us sold to any “hacker”. Use secure and unique passwords for your access, do not use the same one for everything since if a cybercriminal got it they would have access to everything.

4. Uninstall extensions or apps that you don't use

Applications and extensions have access to sensitive information. Use only the ones you need and uninstall or disable the ones you no longer use.

5. Protect your account against malicious or suspected spam messages and content

When you detect any malicious email, report it as spam or phishing, so that the messages are blocked in the future.

If you ever notice suspicious activity on your account, take the necessary steps to protect it in this link.

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