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What is it and what does a person who is a SAP Consultant do?

The SAP consultant is one of the most in-demand and best-paid technological profiles by companies. We invite you to discover what the functions of these ICT professionals are.

What is a SAP Consultant?

SAP is one of the main developers of business software for the management of business processes, with more than 100 technological solutions for all areas and, in addition, has the widest range of cloud products among all providers. tools of this type. Its solutions streamline the flow of information in organizations and optimize strategic decision making.

The applications for a SAP Consultant connect all business areas on a fully digitalized platform. And, as you well know, access to data in real time and from any device helps companies better manage their business processes. In this way, organizations can accelerate their workflows, increase productivity and improve the customer experience with technology. A fact that leads to a considerable increase in profits. With all this, a SAP consultant is the ICT profile which is responsible for configuring, implementing, optimizing and executing SAP solutions to improve the functioning of the organization.

 What does a SAP consultant do?

The responsibilities of a SAP consultant range from customizing the system according to the company's needs to training and technical support for users. Additionally, this professional plays a crucial role in identifying improvement opportunities and implementing new functionalities that drive operational efficiency and innovation within the organization. He SAP Consultant not only configures the system, but also acts as a strategic advisor, helping companies get the most out of their investment in SAP technology.

There are two SAP Consultant profiles:

● Functional SAP consultant. He is responsible for carrying out data and process analysis.

● Technical SAP consultant. They are the professionals in charge of programming the SAP system and are usually programmers.

The main functions of the SAP consulting expert are the following:

● Analyze the operation of the company.

● Understand the client's needs.

● Study each department and business process.

● Determine the parameters that must be configured in the system.

● Train end users in using the tool.

In short, their job is to advise the company so that it can make the most of the resources offered by a SAP solution.

How to become a SAP Consultant?

Becoming a SAP consultant involves acquiring advanced knowledge of the tool or some of its modules. To achieve this goal, it is essential to complete official training, such as the one we offer at the International Graduate School, and pass the international certification exam issued by SAP.

There are a number of higher level courses designed to prepare professionals for this role. Since the software covers a wide range of modules, it is advisable to select a training that fits the academic profile, experience or individual interests.

The modules and all information about the exams and certifications are available in the official SAP training catalog. SAP certification is highly recognized worldwide, as it guarantees skills and knowledge in this field.

Once you complete the course and pass the evaluation to obtain official certification, you will become a fully qualified SAP Consultant and will be part of an elite of highly trained professionals.

With this competitive advantage, you will have access to some of the most valued and best-paid positions in the national and international labor market.

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