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Significant changes to Fiori offerings compared to ECC

Fiori compared to ECC

In the latest versions of SAP S/4HANA, we have witnessed significant changes in Fiori offerings compared to the previous environment of SAP ECC (Enterprise Central Component). These changes have revolutionized the way companies manage their requests for quotations and offers to suppliers. Let's explore in detail some of the most notable changes:

Fiori ECC Changes

1. Position Level Pricing:

In SAP S/4HANA, the pricing conditions selected for tender projects are managed at the item level. This means that hePricing conditions are transferred from the tender project to the bid item level. Additionally, condition values can be updated at the item level and automatically sent to the buyer. This enhancement provides greater granularity in price management, resulting in greater accuracy and efficiency in the bidding process.

Fiori ECC Changes

2. Acceptance of Legal Documents:

In the SAP S/4HANA offering, Suppliers have the ability to accept or reject legal documents associated with the offer. This streamlines the process of managing contracts and legal documents related to offers, leading to greater transparency and ease in negotiations.

3. Price Simulation:

Suppliers now can simulate prices for offers, allowing them to calculate the net price of a position more accurately. This functionality provides suppliers with a valuable tool to optimize their offerings and ensure they are competitive in the market.

4. Confirmation of Positions:

SAP S/4HANA allows you to mark the positions in the sourcing project as confirmed or unconfirmed. This gives suppliers a clear view of which positions have been confirmed, making it easier to submit accurate bids and avoiding misunderstandings in the bidding process.

Fiori ECC Changes

5. Demand Management:

Demand management has been improved in SAP S/4HANA, allowing the updating amounts and prices at plant level and project position by year. This provides greater flexibility in demand management and purchasing planning.

6. Annex Management:

The ability to add offer-related attachments in the form of files or web links has been simplified. This facilitates documentation and sharing of relevant information during the bidding process.

7. Approvals through Fiori:

The Workflow functionality in SAP S/4HANA allows the approval, rejection or postponement of offers and requests directly from the Fiori MY INBOX application. This streamlines workflow and ensures faster, more efficient decision-making.

8. Comprehensive Traceability

At all times, traceability is maintained from the final document to the request for offer. Users can seamlessly and directly navigate between the various documents, making it easy to audit and track transactions.

These significant changes to Fiori offerings compared to ECC demonstrate SAP's continued commitment to innovation and improvement of business solutions. By adopting SAP S/4HANA and its Fiori capabilities, organizations can experience greater efficiency, transparency and control in their procurement and bidding process, resulting in a positive impact on cost management and strategic decision making.

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