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Discover the world of BW SAP consulting: mastering data flow and transforming the business future

Discover the world of BW SAP consulting

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a consultant? SAP Business Warehouse or SAP BW? What exciting opportunities lie ahead for those who immerse themselves in the world of SAP? If you are drawn to the idea of unraveling the hidden potential in data and shaping the future of business, this article is your gateway to an exciting journey.

The heart of business analytics: a look at the role of the BW SAP consultant

A SAP consultant from BW enters the field of business analytics in a unique and essential way. When you embark on that journey, you immerse yourself in a world where data extraction and transformation become the foundations of strategic decision making. In essence, you are the master person behind the reports that guide business actions, translating customer needs into specific fields and dimensions.

Imagine this process as a puzzle- Fields as individual parts and reports as the entire image. Your task is to place each piece in its correct place, understanding both technical and business language. From society to the client, including the supplier, each piece has its role in the final mosaic. But how does this data come to your disposal?

BW SAP Business Warehouse Consultant

The three crucial steps in SAP BW data flow

Data flow in SAP BW is broken down into three key stages:

1. Data extraction: The starting point is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), where the treasure of real data resides. Your ability to discern which data sources are relevant will be vital. You will select and extract only the fields necessary to feed the reports.

2. Data transformation: Once in BW, the data needs to be adapted and modeled for use. This is where the fields from the R/3 world will intertwine with those from BW, building the bridge to the reporting layer. The objective is clear: obtain data ready to be visualized and analyzed.

3. Creation of reports (reporting): This is the culminating phase, where the transformed data comes to life. You'll use tools like Analytics for Office or Power BI to bring reports to life and reveal crucial insights.

Companies that love SAP BW: a look at why

Why do companies trust SAP BW? The answer lies in the magnitude of the data they generate and the urgent need to understand it. Organizations generate thousands of records per minute, requiring robust storage and uncompromising performance. Additionally, security is paramount due to sensitive financial information, and strategic organization of data is essential to its use.

SAP BW: the catalyst for business transformation

Data is more than numbers; They are the key to foreseeing the future. Through SAP BW, companies can project, forecast and adapt to changes with unprecedented precision. From planning to forecasting to understanding consumer behavior, data is the foundation for smart decisions and profit optimization.

An Ibex 35 company generates thousands of data records per minute, this proliferation of data requires powerful storage and performance. In addition, the data must be secure since it has confidential economic information and distributed in an organized manner for use.

Thanks to data we can create future planning, make forecasts, understand the economic sales cycle of a company or the behavior of consumers so that companies can maximize their benefits by doing correct planning with the data they manage.

SAP BW has the ability to create reports with real-time data; these reports contain millions of data that have been extracted and transformed from the ERP.

SAP Consultant SAP Business Warehouse bw

The advantages of adopting SAP BW

The power of SAP BW is undeniable:

– Efficient modeling: Data management is simpler, speeding up data loading and streamlining deployments.

– Powerful visualization: Intuitive visualization tools boost productivity and empower users to create their own reports.

– Total systems integration: Integration with SAP and non-SAP systems reduces implementation and adaptation time.

– Real-Time: In the latest BW/4HANA versions we are able to obtain the data in real-time, without needing to load or wait the next day for the data to load overnight.

Embracing the future with BW/4HANA

Evolution doesn't stop. Since its launch in 1997 as a "Business Warehouse Information System", SAP BW has matured into "BW/4HANA", oriented towards Big Data. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, this simplified version with an intuitive user experience is the beacon that guides the transformation.

This new BW can be implemented in the cloud or on premise, has simpler modeling and provides an intuitive experience for users.

In addition, said BW/4HANA also comes integrated with the latest version of BPC 11.2, in which it supports both Standard BPC and BPC Embedded.

At the exciting intersection of technology and analytics, SAP BW stands as an enabler of robust and insightful decisions. As a BW SAP consultant, you have the opportunity to forge a brighter business future, where data is the master key to unlocking new horizons.

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