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What type of applications can I make in Python?

If reading the previous post You were left wanting to continue moving forward. In this article we invite you to try more complex algorithms. Look at those applications that use this programming language and that are very popular.

Do you know Python and its applications Web? You will be surprised to know that you can find it in items as simple as a script, as well as in sophisticated systems of big data either machine learning.

As soon as you immerse yourself in the Python universe and discover its possibilities, you will be convinced of how important it is to study this programming language. With it, you will have the option to automate a large number of actions, or you can create new elements, such as bots, games, websites or applications machine learning.

Let's start...

Applications in web development

This programming language has a great presence in the Web development. It is used to create frameworks that are essential when creating a code that runs on your server.

Likewise, we must not forget that these frameworks Web are essential for the construction of a logic of backend common. Two of the most common among those new to this language are Django and Flask.

Use in machine learning

Python plays a key role in various aspects of data science. Some of its applications are analysis and visualization of information, as well as machine learning or machine learning.

The operation of machine learning systems is usually based on a algorithm designed to detect a pattern in an input. That is, if you provide images of a dog, the system will learn to detect the presence of this animal in subsequent photos. And this concept can also be applied in recommendation systems like YouTube.

Finally, it should be noted that there are various machine learning algorithms, such as those used in neural networks or support vector machines.


The scripts They are small programs that aim to automation of simple tasks. The ease of writing, its basic syntax and the speed of this language make it the perfect tool to create them.

Integrated applications

The numerous uses of Python They also include the implementation of this language in game development, the creation of specific libraries or even the development of desktop applications.

The most famous web programs

To get an idea of the importance of this language, it is worth taking a look at the most popular programs in whose development it has been used.

It is the engine of the platform Pinterest, which has used Python since the first day of its existence. He also uses Django for his frameworks.

Dropbox It is mainly supported in Python codes. What's more, the creator of this language works for this Dropbox.

The application of Spotify benefits from the simplicity of these codes to offer its popular service streaming of music.

reddit It is one of the great communities on-line. Its developers rewrote the program initially used in Python to make it more flexible and could access a large number of libraries in a functional way.

As you can see, many applications Web They owe their development to the use of the Python programming language. Therefore, if you think about working in this field, you need to know it well. It is also one of the best resources in sophisticated applications such as machine learning. Ask us for more information to know how can you study it and everything that training in this programming language offers you.

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