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Leap years in Python

Today we are going to make a small script which will tell us if the year we are asking about is a leap year or not.

Script for leap years

We can know if a year is a leap year if this is multiple of 4. If it is also a multiple of 100, it will not be a leap year (keep in mind that 100 is a multiple of 4 and therefore any number that is a multiple of 100 is also a multiple of 4) unless it is a multiple of 400, which will be a leap year.

We leave you a table so you can see it more easily.

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Although there are several ways to do it, we have decided to use nested ifs to program our script. Let's see it. 

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Since we are pytho programmersn, we can use the function isleap which includes the calendar module Python. It's as simple as I show you below.

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This way the code is much cleaner and more professional.

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