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The rise of Human Resources

It is probably nothing new if we tell you that more and more human resources have more weight in companies. When this figure emerged it had a purely administrative role, where given its little relevance, the department did not exist, but was made up of the administration department. 

Currently, for most companies, the Human Resources department has more and more independence, although it remains dependent on the administration department.

One of the great challenges of human resources, is that it is conceived as an independent area since the objectives and strategies of both are becoming increasingly distant.

A turning point after the crisis generated by Covid

If we can extract something positive from the pandemic, it is that Human Resources departments have become essential within companies, since they have been the ones who have helped develop company strategies in the field of people management, which have been key to determining its economic activity

In the same way that the socio-economic environment is increasingly changing, the same thing happens with the subjects that were worked on in HR.

Legislative changes in the workplace are becoming more frequent, and given that the political landscape does not seem to be changing, neither will this situation. Indirectly, this causes companies to rely on professionals in human Resources to help implement and coordinate labor developments within companies without paralyzing activity.

human resources departments

Likewise, another area that acclaims the need for this profession is rotation within companies. This is increasing, among other things, because the changes that occur in these are increasingly volatile.

Furthermore, there is a easier access to training, in such a way that there are more prepared people, which causes companies' talent to move more quickly.

What do companies ask for to have a competent department?

Human Resources departments have the role of implementing measures to attract the best talent and trying to establish policies so that he stays in the company and remains updated and competitive.

The changing environment demands a dynamic and agile team, with quick response. From the point of EIP, to achieve a team that easily adapts to the different environments that companies demand, It is essential that its members are updated and trained, since the more information available, the easier it is to arrive at the best solution. 

This post has been prepared by Martha Bernal, who told us the importance of Human Resources. If you are interested in training in this field, we suggest the master in Human Resources: People Management, Talent Development and Labor Management.

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