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News in the SEPE for 2023

A 2023 full of news for the State Public Employment Service

This year 2023 has come with many changes for Spanish families and society in general and specifically with regard to retirements, pensions and unemployment benefits. In this way the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) is going to make a significant increase in unemployment benefits, which is motivated by the approval of the new General State Budgets of 2023, where the Government seeks the protection of unemployed people.

But what are the main new features of SEPE for this year?

Despite having numerous new features, we could highlight the following 3 measures:

Piggy Bank With Wooden Growth Blocks

Rise of the IPREM

He Multiple Effect Public Income Indicator (IPREM) is an index used in Spain as a reference for the granting of aid, subsidies or unemployment benefits. It was created in 2004 to replace the Minimum Interprofessional Wage as a reference for this aid.

In this way, the IPREM grew at a slower rate than the SMI, facilitating the access to aid for the most disadvantaged family economies.

Currently the IPREM  is in the amount of 579.02 euros and with the The increase approved for 2023 will be 600 euros per month.

The maximum and minimum unemployment amounts increase.

The increase in the IPREM implies that the maximum and minimum amounts received in unemployment benefits will be between 560 euros and 1,575 euros per month. These are calculated based on a percentage of the IPREM and adding one sixth to it. This is how the amounts will be for 2023:

  • Minimum amount without children will be 560 euros per month (80% of the IPREM plus the increase of one sixth).
  • Minimum amount with one child or more will be 749 euros per month (107% of the IPREM plus the increase of one sixth).
  • Maximum amount without children will be 1,225 euros per month (175% of the IPREM plus the increase of one sixth).
  • Maximum amount with one child will be 1,400 euros per month (200% of the IPREM plus the increase of one sixth).
  • Maximum amount for two or more children will be 1,575 euros per month (225% of the IPREM plus the increase of one sixth).

More will be charged from the sixth month of unemployment.

Up to 300,000 unemployed people will receive 100 euros more unemployment starting in 2023.

It is one of the great novelties of this year, until now in unemployment during the first 6 months the 70% of the regulatory base was collected, and from the sixth month the 50% was collected.

This changes in 2023 since from day 181 of unemployment the unemployed will begin to collect the 60% of the regulatory base as a measure to counter rising inflation.

Businessman And Businesswoman Handshaking After Signing Contract Or Successful Negotiation

Number of months with the right to unemployment.

The worker's contribution periods at each moment of their working life define the duration of the collection of specific unemployment benefits. Logically, the more days you have contributed, the more days you will have unemployment up to a maximum of 24 months.

Below are the months with the right to unemployment and mandatory contribution days:

  • 4 months of unemployment (minimum contribution of 360 to 539 days).
  • 6 months of unemployment (contribution from 540 to 719 days).
  • 8 months of unemployment (contribution from 720 to 899 days).
  • 10 months of unemployment (contribution of 900 to 1,079 days).
  • 12 months of unemployment (contribution from 1,080 to 1,259 days).
  • 14 months of unemployment (contribution of 1,260 to 1,439 days).
  • 16 months of unemployment (contribution from 1,440 to 1,619 days)
  • 18 months of delivery (quotation 1,620 to 1,799 days).
  • 20 months of unemployment (contribution of 1,800 to 1,979 days).
  • 22 months of unemployment (contribution from 1,980 to 2,159 days).
  • 24 months of unemployment (with 2,160 days of contributions).

What do you think of these measures? Do you think they are enough to counteract this inflation?

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