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New social and psychological contract for a new era

New social and psychological contract

By Pedro Navarro, professor in the master's degree in HR Management of the EIP International Business School wanted to share with us the following post about the NEW SOCIAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACT FOR A NEW ERA.

Intergenerational Talent: Age discrimination in the labor market?

In Spain, unfortunately, the labor market usually discriminates by age. Being over 45 years old represents a real handicap when it comes to staying in companies, producing an inconceivable loss of senior talent that does not occur in Anglo-Saxon countries.

According to World Health Organization, he ageism in the workplace occurs when certain companies have negative attitudes toward older workers. However, there are many other companies that, being aware of the value of intergenerational talent flows, are deploying human resources policies that promote all these capabilities in a multidirectional way.

The aging of the population, the increase in professional life and the coexistence of many generations in companies (baby boomers, seniors, generation X and Y) create a fruitful organizational context in which it is essential to channel this circulation of knowledge, experiences, values, culture, motivations and work methodologies so diverse towards improving the competitiveness of the company based on talent.

New Social and Psychological Contract

Intergenerational management must be understood as a value that requires a response from those responsible for human capital that encourages the growth of talent within a sustained organizational sociological context and that contributes to its permanent connection with the business.

This management of generational diversity has to be considered as a strategic element and a source of wealth that provides companies, among other things:

  • Good working environment
  • Increase in creativity and innovation.
  • Increase in the feeling of belonging of employees and productivity.

Intergenerational talent always aligned with the business. Discovering the existing knowledge, trying to ensure that it stays within the company and flows between generations should be the objective, for which specific strategies and actions must be designed that help understand and develop the talent contributed by all the generations that coexist in the companies.

Human resources managers They will be in charge of locating and differentiating all existing generations by creating inclusive leadership styles. Through mentoring programs in which seniors share their knowledge and experiences and, in parallel, develop the skills of younger people. These in turn, with reverse mentoring programs, will train and advise seniors in new technologies, new work styles, social networks, development of creativity, etc.

New Intergenerational Social and Psychological Contract

The benefits that intergenerational talent can provide as an effective human resources management practice are evident while eliminating ageism as a wrong business habit.

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