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Management in Human Resources Management

Although there is a general opinion that the people management is a strategic element for the Organization, according to a recent study carried out by Expansion&Employment, only one in twenty companies has tools to quantify their effectiveness, that is, being able to know what the benefits and advantages of their human resources policies are.

Surely on more than one occasion you have asked yourself What is human resources management for? and How does it influence the company's results?. Well, what is not quantified is not valued. The top managers of the companies do not have major measures that reflect the real influence of these processes (personnel administration, personnel selection, training and requalification of workers, personnel development, career plans,...) on the performance of the companies. people, and in improving the Company's income statement: “Numbers tend to be more urgent matters, but balance sheets do not direct the company, they do not close sales, they do not provide customer service, nor develop products,…”

Therefore, it must be the managers who have to be convinced that the people management is strategic, that is People are the main asset that companies have to maintain and improve their competitiveness.

Good management in human resources must be consistent with both the principles, vision, mission and corporate values present in the company's strategic development plan. To do this, work systems must be established that allow all business activities to be horizontally coordinated:

  • Innovation and Activity focused on meeting Customer Needs
  • Teamwork Systems acquire great importance
  • The worker must have Autonomy, and for this people need the Necessary Information, at the Opportune Moment
  • Use of Information Technologies
  • Learning is introduced as a System

Therefore, the introduction of philosophical, conceptual and operational changes is absolutely necessary:

  • From the Reactive Approach to the Proactive Approach: try to anticipate the problems and difficulties that are expected to arise in the future, and plan the necessary actions to avoid them.
  • From Isolated Functions to Integrated Management: The starting point is the principle that management within the Human Resources Area must be integrated, since there is a need to implement strategic action programs that participate in/in the achievement of business objectives.
  • From Functional Level to Strategic Level: The role of human resources becomes that of implementer and developer of programs that support the operation of the company, always with the objective of generating value for the organization – planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • From the Trait Approach to the Competence Approach: move on to “knowing how”, that is, promoting effective and efficient behaviors within the work environment.

Therefore, human resources management in companies has to focus mainly on six areas of action:

1st) Influencing Employees

2nd) Human Resources Flow       

3rd) Reward Systems

4th) Work Systems

5th) Evaluation Systems

6º) Occupational Health (Healthy Companies)

In short, the basic difference is that in the Human Resources Management Approach, people are no longer considered a COST, but become the main COMPETITIVE RESOURCE of organizations that carry out effective management.

By Jose Hueso (Consult HR)

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