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Changing times: the increase in birth and child care leave in Social Security as a reflection of a more egalitarian society

Birth permits

According to the Social Security Magazine, Secretary of State for Social Security and Pensions In 2022, Social Security processed a total of 473,720 permits for birth and care of minors, which represents an increase of 0.4% compared to the same period in 2021. Of the total figure, 224,359 correspond to the first parent, usually the mother, and 249,361, to the second parent, usually the father. 

The expense associated with this benefit between January and December 2022 has been 3,260.2 million euros. In 2021, this figure is equivalent to 3,010.6 million, which represents an increase of 8.3%.

The birth and child care benefit replaced what we previously knew as maternity and paternity benefits when it came into force on January 1, 2021, assuming the complete equality of both.

Birth Permits Social Security

The current permit in Spain is 16 weeks for both parents and is recognized as an individual and non-transferable right. Of the total leave of 16 weeks, 6 of them must be taken immediately after childbirth or judicial or administrative resolution in cases of adoption, custody or foster care. The remaining time can be arranged in successive periods, each period lasting at least one week.

As a novelty, we highlight that the amount of these benefits is equivalent to the contribution base for the month prior to childbirth, adoption, custody or foster care, and is paid directly by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) during the weeks that the leave lasts. Previously, this amount was calculated based on the month prior to birth or adoption, custody or foster care.

If we look at the data provided by the autonomous communities, the highest number of benefits for birth and child care has been recognized in Andalusia 86,106, Catalonia is in second place with 84,287, followed by Madrid with 78,134 and the Valencian Community with 48,372 .

The process of requesting the birth benefit at the National Social Security Institute can be carried out electronically, through the Your Social Security portal and through the form for procedures without digital certificate in this linkIn addition, Social Security offers the possibility of consulting this practical guide.

Successive periods of rest due to birth or care of the minor can also be requested electronically, if the parents choose to divide the period into different sections. 

Leave of absence to care for a child, foster minor or family member 

Working people can request a leave of absence to dedicate themselves to caring for children or minors in foster care or to care for other family members who need it. The first three years of leave to care for a foster child or minor are considered the effective contribution period for the purposes of Social Security benefits for retirement, permanent disability, death and survival, maternity and paternity, both for children natural or fostered as for the care of other family members.

The data on leaves of absence discharged in 2022 was 47,455, of which 33,290 corresponded to women, which is 70.2%, and 14,165 to men, which is equivalent to 29.8%. The number of leaves of absence has been reduced on average by 1% compared to the same period in 2021.

The autonomous communities with the most leaves of absence processed are Madrid with 9,822, Catalonia with 7,322, Andalusia with 5,279, the Valencian Community with 4,866 and finally the Basque Country with 4,752 leaves of absence.

Leave of Absence Birth Permits Social Security

If we look at the volume of the increase in requested leaves of absence, we find that the communities where the number of leaves of absence has increased the most compared to the previous year are the Canary Islands with an increase of 9.7%, the Valencian Community 7.1%, Asturias 5.3% and in the two autonomous cities Melilla and Ceuta with 41.7 and 7.41 respectively. On the contrary, we also see autonomous communities in which it has decreased, the Basque Country -15.3%, Galicia -9.4% and Cantabria -7.1%.

Co-responsibility in caring for children is a fundamental value in a modern and progressive societySocial Security is making changes to provide greater equality in birth and child care leave that allows families to enjoy a more balanced and full life, although there is still a lot of ground to cover.

What do you think about childcare leave in Spain? Do you think we are on the right path?

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