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Hidden job market, what is it and how can we access it?

Hidden job market

He hidden job market refers to job opportunities that are not publicly advertised, meaning that companies do not publish these vacancies on employment websites or social networks. Instead, companies can fill these positions through referrals from current or former employees, or by directly seeking candidates through personal and professional networks.

Accessing the hidden job market can be a challenge, as these opportunities are not easily available online. However, there are some strategies that can help job applicants connect with these opportunities. Next, we relate how you can access the offers of the hidden employment market, this will give you the clues to work on an active job search.

Hidden Labor Market Employment
  • Personal and professional networks: It is important to establish and maintain strong connections with people who work in your field of interest. Referrals from friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances can be an excellent way to access the hidden job market. Work on your professional social networks daily and use the tools that allow you to position yourself as a person actively searching for employment, such as Linkedin allows you with its “Open to work” tool.
  • Investigation: Even if companies don't post their vacancies online, they may still talk about them on their website or social media. Researching companies of interest and contacting them frequently can be an effective way to discover hidden employment opportunities. Connect with your Human Resources managers, interact on networks, read their posts and blogs, this can open doors to new employment possibilities.
  • Work with recruiters: Recruiters often have access to employment opportunities that are not publicly posted. Working with a recruiter in your job search can be a great way to tap into the hidden job market.
  • Participate in networking events: Attend events networking and career fairs can provide opportunities to meet and connect with people working in your field of interest. These connections can lead to hidden employment opportunities.

What do we need to access the hidden market?

It is important to keep in mind that, to access the hidden employment market, you need to be proactive and focus on building and maintaining relationships. Additionally, some level of persuasion skill may be required to obtain recommendations and referrals from key people in the industry.

Hidden Labor Market Employment Opportunity

It is worth noting that the hidden job market can provide valuable opportunities for those actively seeking work, but accessing it requires additional research and personal and professional connections.

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