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Career opportunities in Human Resources

Professional outings

People Master's students in Human Resources They have a wide variety of career opportunities that they can explore upon completing their studies. Some of the most common career options include:

  1. Human Resources Specialist: Graduates can work as Human Resources specialists in companies of all sizes, providing support in areas such as recruitment, training and development, payroll management and benefits administration.
  2. Human resources manager: Graduates can work as Human Resources managers in large or medium-sized companies, leading teams of Human Resources specialists and directing the company's global Human Resources strategy.
  3. Human Resources Consulting: Another professional opportunity is to work as a Human Resources consultant for companies that need advice and guidance in areas such as Human Resources policy, compensation strategy and workforce planning.
  4. Training and Development Specialist: You can work as Training and Development specialists in companies, designing and providing training and development programs for employees.
  5. Human resources analyst: This Human Resources specialty is dedicated to providing HR analytics and metrics for the company, such as turnover analysis, engagement analysis, and productivity analysis.
  6. Compensation and Benefits Specialist: This branch specializes in the design and administration of compensation and benefits programs for company staff.
  7. Talent Management Specialist: More and more importance is given to talent compared to the resume; this specialty helps identify, develop and retain the best talents in the company.

These are just a few of the many career options that may be available to people who complete a Master's in Human Resources. The choice will largely depend on the interests and abilities of each person, as well as the opportunities available in the labor market at the time of graduation.

Career Opportunities in Human Resources

From what specialty can we work in Human Resources?

Currently we can Take a Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources which is the official academic qualification that aims to train professionals in people management, team management, legal-labor advice, development and implementation of remuneration, training and selection policies, although there are a variety of careers that have traditionally nurtured to the field of HR of professionals who have developed their professional careers in this field, forming multidisciplinary teams that have greatly enriched the sector. This is how we find professionals from the fields of psychology, law, business administration and management, economics, sociology... who carry out their activity in Human Resources Departments, consulting firms and other related branches.

If you are interested in training and developing professionally in the field of human resources, you can find out about our Master in HR: People Management, Talent Development and Labor Management.

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