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The best job opportunities for 2023

Best job opportunities of 2023

The labor market is going through notable transformations in Spain, such as the demand for hybrid jobs (combines in-person and remote work) and the demand for greater flexibility. All of this comes together with a complex economic scenario full of uncertainty.

To shed some light on the matter Linkedin has released a list of the booming professions for 2023. This list uses exclusive LinkedIn data to identify the 25 booming jobs in the last five years, shares information about long-term opportunities and reveals the direction it has taken. the labor market. In addition, it includes the main skills required for each of the jobs, the main sectors that demand these profiles and whether there is a teleworking option.

job opportunities 2023

To obtain the information, LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers have analyzed millions of positions in which LinkedIn users began working from January 1, 2018 to July 31, 2022 to calculate the growth rate of each position.

From the list it can be extracted that jobs related to cybersecurity, sales, the logistics, financial and sustainability sectors are those with the most professional opportunities. Marina Valero, editor of LinkedIn News in Spain, points out that workers need to focus their efforts on acquiring new knowledge and skills related to these positions: only then will they be able to give a boost to their career and achieve their career goals.

What are the 25 professions that are growing the most in Spain according to LinkedIn?

• Sales specialist
• Account executive
• Cybersecurity analyst
• Growth manager
• Sustainability consultant
• Business development manager
• Logistics expert
• Customer relations manager
• Site reliability engineer
• Artificial intelligence engineer
• Solutions Engineer
• Cloud systems engineer
• Data engineer
• Investment banking analyst
• Responsible for clinical trials
• Supply chain expert
• Cybersecurity engineer
• Software engineering consultant
• Engineering Director
• Back-end developer
• User experience researcher
• DevOps Engineer
• Delivery Manager
• Platform engineer
• Social media marketing manager

Has the list surprised you? Do you think these are the professions that will stand out in 2023?

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