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What is AECA and what does its institutional agreement with EIP consist of?

What is AECA and what does its institutional agreement with EIP consist of?

With enormous pride I share with you that the EIP International Business School has signed an institutional collaboration agreement with AECA. The objective is to work together for the benefit of our students, where among other aspects that I will describe in detail later, we will work on the employability and training of our students

Who is AECA?

AECA (Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration) It is a non-profit, private entity, declared of public utility in 1982.

It is the only Spanish private entity that issues generally accepted accounting principles, as well as recommendations and good practices in business management and internationalization. With a strong presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, since 2006, it is promoting good practices in responsible management and transparency.

For all professionals in the world of accounting and finance, AECA should be our reference given its rigor and innovation in accounting and business administration

His work We can summarize it as: 

  • Yointernational, operates throughout the world. 
  • Nor lucrative, does not pursue profit but rather to be a reference for good management practices. 
  • Yoinnovative, its expert committees are creating new paths.
  • Qprofessional, with very high quality standards for each job they do.
  • colaborative, working hand in hand with companies and educational institutions. 
  • Multidisciplinary, since their work and studies are open to many topics. 

One of the fundamental purposes of AECA is to establish contact and exchange of knowledge with other national and international associations and institutions related to Business Sciences in several countries around the world. 

The Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration has done brilliant work in the project for the standardization of non-financial information in the environmental, social and corporate governance, promoting the latest technologies in the reporting process (XBRL) through software that can be accessed from its platform. 

This magnificent work in the field of non-financial information has been recognized in the Law 11-2018, which introduces a new obligation regarding transparency for companies: the drafting and verification of the Non-Financial Information Statements o Non-Financial Reports. 

What is AECA's mission and objectives?

The mission from AECA is to achieve constant improvement in the level of competence of the company's professionals, with the conviction that a good professional guarantees the development of organizations and the progress of society. 

The goals It is part of cutting-edge research in business management matters, covering: 

  • Economic and social development 
  • Applied research on Accounting, Administration and good practices 
  • Improving the skills of professionals and their organizations 
  • Development of Business Sciences 

Who is part of AECA?

AECA is made up of more than 3000 partners and collaborators in more than 18 countries around the world, with two types of partners: 

  • Professionals, academics, managers of entities and companies from all sectors, from the private, public and social economy spheres.
  • Companies, private entities and public organizations. 

On the page of AECA You can access the data of all partners, both individuals and companies. 

What are AECA's areas of activity?

The areas of activity of AECA are several:

  • Yoresearch in matters related to administration and accounting. 
  • Newspaper publication, with 3 weekly newscasts on economics, accounting and taxation. This notification is received by all its partners. 
  • Professional meetings who periodically collaborate working in more than 54 cities in Spain and Portugal. 
  • Eleven commissions of experts, who discuss and innovate in various subjects, and as a result of these commissions, publications emerge that their members also receive.
  • training classroom, with subjects of interest, taught by experts in the field. 
  • Awards and Scholarships, such as the PIBE AECA international scholarships. 
  • Professional Accounting Expert and Advance Certifications, which accredit highly qualified professionals in accounting and financial information, valuing both their professional experience and their merits 
  • Websites, Debate and Communication constant to those that give access to their partners. 
  • National and international collaboration agreements, such as the institutional agreement that AECA has signed with the EIP International Business School for the benefits of its students.

What are AECA's areas of activity?

The study commissions are made up of top-level professionals in each of the subjects under study. 

Are commissions They are the following and they have been researching their subjects for many years:

  1. Accounting Principles and Standards (1979) 
  2. Business valuation and financing (1979) 
  3. Organization and Systems (1983) 
  4. Management Accounting (1986) 
  5. History of Accounting (1992) 
  6. Public Sector (1998) 
  7. New Technologies and Accounting (2001) 
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility (2002) 
  9. Non-Profit Entities (2006) 
  10. Cooperatives and companies; social economy (2008) 
  11. Tourism (2012) 

AECA disseminates its experience through various media, such as expert documents, monographs, empirical studies and cases and 8 journals (Revista AECA Spanish Journal of Financing and Accounting Revista Iberoamericana de Contabilidad de Gestión, The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research De Computis – Spanish Magazine of Accounting History Educade – Magazine of Education in Accounting, Finance and ADE Young Management Small Business International Review) 

Furthermore, perform international congresses and meetings of experts every year, where the topics are, among others, accounting, finance and other more innovative topics such as business information and big data oriented to the world of finance. 

Through your Foundation count hand in hand with AECA, the knowledge of accounting and business administration to primary, secondary and vocational training centers, providing economic and accounting education, as well as recognition of the social role of the company and the entrepreneur.  

What is AECA and what does its institutional agreement with EIP consist of?

The EIP International Business School, in addition to being protective partner of AECA has signed a institutional collaboration agreement whose objective is to benefit our students with the following advantages:

  • Institutional collaboration agreement between AECA and EIP, which will translate into joint activities and collaborations for the benefit of our students. 
  • The EIP Master of Financial Management It is affiliated with the AECA international scholarship program (PIBE AECA).
  • The students of the EIP Master of Financial Management will be associated AECA during the year they study the master's degree.
  • Unlimited access to the AECA bibliographic collection to the students of the EIP Master's Degree.  
  • Our students will receive weekly newsletter and news and publications of the AECA expert commissions. 
  • Discount on AECA courses and events  to the students of the EIP Master of Financial Management. 
  • The EIP Master of Financial Management counts in the section of training to obtain an accredited accounting expert (Eca®)
  • The Master of Financial Management at the EIP International Business School It is validated by AECA, making it possible to obtain the AECA Advanced Accounting diploma. 

This agreement will benefit all our students since from the beginning of the Master of Financial Management they will have the consideration as a member of AECA with all the rights of members, at no cost to the students, since the cost is assumed by EIP. 

The first joint activity between the EIP and AECA will be the webinar that will take place next January 26 about Non-Financial Information taught by José Luis Lizcano Álvarez, general director of AECA.

This article has been prepared by Ana Cabezas, director of the Master of Financial Management at the EIP International Business School.

What is AECA and what does its institutional agreement with EIP consist of?

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